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  • Happy 50th Birthday Dawn, hope you have the best day ever because you deserve it.

    Merry Christmas to you & the family,Dawnie
    Hope you have a fabulous day xxxxxx

    Hi Dawn,
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and wish you only good things in 2010.
    Lots of love, Yo. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    I don't like anything too heavy so the Judith Williams wouldn't be for me
    either if it is too rich. I am hoping the Smashbox is along the lines of the US one which was colours rather than browns as I am sick of neutrals, I will still get it though as I use the Halo as my foundation now. Have you seen the new Ultimate wish palette that they have brought out again for Christmas, it's the one Jayne (JBD) called dribly lol.

    I think the Ultimate brushes are even better than Smashbox ones as they wash better and rinse more easily, I am so pleased you like them.
    I would really like to pay you for the bears, please let me, it is very kind of you to have thought of getting extra's.
    Take care, speak soon love Dawn xxx
    Hiya Margot, I did laugh at the thought of Bill and you choosing tiles and being 'cute' Fred and I would have killed each other too! The Christening was blooming awful, no one speaking to each other is very wearing lol. I have to admit I spoke to them all because I am so bloody minded I had to make them look silly if they didn't speak back iykwim. It comes to something when Ross asks why one of the sister in laws was giving his mam quote "dirty looks" eeeeeee so silly life is too short, I couldn't be like that with my Family. more to follow
    I'll let you know what I think about the Judith Williams skincare. I think it may be a bit too rich for me, but we'll see. I may go for the Smashbox TSV if the colours suit me, but they're usually neutrals. I love those Ultimate brushes I just bought from JBD. Once you said they were nice, I went ahead and ordered them.

    Have a great evening. Love Margot xx
    Hi Dawn. So sorry I haven't got back to you before, but it's been a hectic weekend. Hope the Christening went smoothly and no blows were exchanged! :) We did manage to choose some tiles after a couple of hours in the shop. It took forever for us make up our minds. The salesman made me laugh. He said 'You two are so cute. My wife and I would have killed each other by now'! lol

    The bears are in the post and I'll mail them as soon as they arrive here. I have my fingers crossed the postal strike won't delay getting the parcel to you too much. You've done me a huge favour giving them a good home. Please accept them as a gift - it would give me great pleasure. More to follow ...
    Hi Dawn

    I bought an extra Steiff bear just in case you missed out, but it looks like I'm too late. :-( If you wanted to take yours back, I'd love to send it to you as a gift. Do you think your DD would like a Charley Bear? I've got bears coming out of my ears! lol Besides, I owe her a gift. :)

    I managed to get the Judith Williams set as I've never tried this range before and am always up for something new! You're right, it wasn't as exciting as in years past and there seem to be quite a few things still for sale on the website this morning.

    A christening sounds fun. Hope you have a good time. We are having a new boiler fitted soon, which spurred us on to completely gut the downstairs bathroom, so I expect we'll be shopping for tiles this weekend! Oooh, I can hardly wait! lol

    Talk soon.

    Love Margot xx
    Hiya Dawn

    Did you manage to get the bears last night, as I think you mentioned you wanted them? I spent more than I should have (oops)!, mainly on skincare/makeup that I wanted to try. Hope you're all well. Hurrah, it's almost the weekend.
    Love Margot xx
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