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  • I missed the synchro on BBC 1 but did see a little on the internet, the Russians were amazing,
    I still find it fascinating that Sxxxx can do a little bit of that, although she will never be an olympic champion I am so proud of the stuff that she can do.
    Hi Dawn, Aw what a lovely daughter, can I borrow her? ;) lol
    Glad you've had such a nice time! If Smashbox did those colours I'd get them :D.
    Awwwwww men can't live with them..............but hey a handbag can make up for a lot of things lol xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hope you both had a great day xxxxxxxxxxx
    Believe me I am trying to take no notice but rhey are stalking me, must have sad little lives if they can spend all day following me about!!
    Lovely to be back apart from the stupid comments xxx
    Sent you a friend request hon did you not gey it?
    Hiya BJ

    We're well thanks. We just got back from a week's holiday in the Lake District and apart from twisting my ankle on the last day (d'oh), we had a great time! I was too busy looking at a sheep and fell off the path! lol We only got drenched a couple of times too!

    Hope you and your family are well hon. Have you been on your hols yet? Let's hope Summer comes soon!

    Take care and speak soon. Love Margot xx
    Hi BJ

    Thanks for your Friends Request, really appreciate it. Hope you're O.K., despite the miserable weather today. We had horrible fine drizzle first thing although the sun keeps trying to break through now. Just been off to do my weekly food shop so I guess I ought to knuckle down and put it all away................!!!

    Love BL xx
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