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    Amazing Recipe Book With BlockBuster

    Genevive is promoting the "amazing recipe books" which are sold with the blockbuster blender. So many great much would you pay for this on the highstreet? This isn't a cheap book. It might be good not to spell "Eton Mess" as "Eaton" then :mysmilie_17:
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    Mike Mason joins Ideal World TV

    Just remember... a retail store may tell 1 customer 1 thing to get a sale, and another customer something completely different. - The same item (tablet) and sales pitches could be used. It's just that shopping telly you can see both pitches. It's also funny how you had to use Mike's pitch as...
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    Who next?

    So we know there have been old bid presenters poping up in new places such as Peter Simon on Gems, Lisa going to appear on The Outlet Peter Sherlock will be joining the team too!
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    Brash TV

    Watch out.... ;) "How would you guys like it if I was online live 8 hours per day with some fantastic products where you guys could all text and phone in to ask me questions about the products?????? Could you handle me for that long that is the question xxxxx" Gotta say I do miss her!
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    could a bidding format tv shopping channel still work?

    And that's where the product lifecycle comes in ;)
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    What's Going On?

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    What's Going On?

    Bid has now definitely gone
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    And they're saved!
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    Crap products, few suppliers...

    It's pretty obvious that a supplier will not supply a company who may be in financial difficulty, or one who may have had problems with them in the past. It's also pretty obvious that a lot of their products come from the same source. This is why I was not surprised to see a "Become a Supplier"...
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    Four weeks today...

    It's been four weeks since I last watched the bid shopping channels. From going from watching them everyday to nothing, simpler than I thought. Not missing them at all aha
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    The One Show

    The One Show have emailed me through the ASA in regards to my complaints and want to know more information for a part in their show! lol I presume everybody who submitted a complaint will get a similar email
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    Who's excited to see Lisa B's new look tonight then?...

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    Lisa Brash - the ideal bid customer

    On Saturday night she bought a dress live on air. Last night, at about 12:45 am, she went to buy another dress but missed out, so she bought the next item which was bedding (£9.99 + P&P) and then she bought the next item - set of 2 pillows (£5.99 + P&P). She then said "I'm going to have to buy...
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    More well known brands

    It's great to see that bid are starting to bring back in some bigger brand names again inc. Russell Hobbs, Tefal etc. and now an iPhone 5 :-) Hopefully these become more and more frequent

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