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  • too right i am Bexi.....LOL
    and at least i don't need a head bra like a certain person !!!
    Oooooooo Bexi, I don't know whether to laugh or to cry but spose I'd better do the lot before I put my bra on lol

    How kind xxx

    Arrrrrghhhhhh it's strangling!
    Hi Bexi

    How are you doing? Its lovely to hear from you, and hope you are ok xxx I love the little icon aww sweet!! Take care and have a fab weekend. I am just off to do my fitness after I have finished my coffee, have fun whatever you do, Lots of Love Dazzler!
    Hi Bexi hope you're ok that little dog is so sweet, have a lovely weekend, i'm still really busy sorting out things for the extension hopefully shouldn't be much longer now
    Good morning Bexi

    Loved your message, very clever.

    Have a great weekend.

    One Tiger in the Midlands
    sorry bexi i didnt realise you had wrote back to me , well it was the freedom bags , they are really brill bags you can use them for everything , ime going to use mine for all me make up , but ime hopeing they are going to have some others too , and they are dead cheap aswell 2 for 20 quid really good price ,
    lots of love from karina

    have a look on the website xx
    awwww hi bexi ,aww lovely to hear from tonight , how are you i hope you are ok ,ime fine sorry i havent wrote weve had a bit of a problem at home ,anyway ime glad you like me piccie i thought i would have a change , nd i love the fittness queen logo brilliant that is ,
    aww thank you so much ,

    well ive just got me tsv ime waiting to see what else their going to have tomorrow too;
    i need them for all me make up LOL

    will chat soon to you bexi
    lots of love from karina
    Hi Bexi yeah the dogs are fine, they have been a bit confused with the extension, and the builders, but they have been really goof, just they cant gey out on the garden as much cos they leaving the gate open, and I'm terrified of them getting out, are you and yours ok
    Hi Bexi thankyou I'd love to be your friend, hope you have a good wek end, are you dog mad, same as me, I've got three one huge german Shepherd and two very spoilt cavalier king charles spaniels. xxx
    hi there bexi , love the name change,
    how are you then , i do hope your ok ,well the forum still has problems my end , rather a nuisance it is , but hey never mind , well nice weather weve had in oxford quite muggy ,
    well i must get round to all me other messages now and get them done ,ok
    take care lots of love from karina

    HI Bexi
    Hope you are ok xxxx Have a lovely day xxx Love Dazzler! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    I recognised the avatar hon. I am much better with them than names lol, welcome back hon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Bexi

    Thanks for the friends invite - I'd be delighted. I presume you used to be Babybear?

    Love BL xx
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