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    Christmas Present

    This Rosa Benini beauty And this gorgeous angel
  2. Bexi

    Bijan VIP Perfume

    Today Peter Simon and Peter Sherlock were selling this perfume, I think it went for £19.99 + p&p, but is £7.90 and free p&p on cheapsmells! Another great bargain :yawn:
  3. Bexi

    Jenny the model said....

    ...these slippers would be suitable for men and women :smirk::confused: Really??
  4. Bexi

    Where's Marina?

    Where is Marina? Has she left?
  5. Bexi

    Coryse Salmone Skincare

    Peter Simon just sold three face creams for £44.89 :drunk: On they cost £5.99 a pot :thinking:
  6. Bexi


    Anyone seen these shows? It touches up your roots ooo-er :angel::hi: Even on the demos it looks rubbish :bandit: the colour looks more blue than black/brown
  7. Bexi

    Bvlgari Jasmin Noir Eau De Toilette 100ml

    Peter Sherlock and Mark Stewart were selling this yesterday for either £42.99 or £44.99 (can't remember which) plus, of course, p&p On cheapsmells it is £40.10 with FREE p&p :thinking: Peter even said if you can find it cheaper than us I want to know
  8. Bexi


    "A stunning pendant featuring beautiful amber with insect inclusion. A unique and special gift"
  9. Bexi

    Biggest liar?

    Who do you think is the biggest bullshi**er? I'd say Sally Jaxxxxxxxx, Scottish James, Peter Simon and James Russell :confused:
  10. Bexi

    Tacky Globe

    You know those naff globes they sell on bid? Well they now sell a floor standing globe lamp! Nice :drunk:
  11. Bexi

    Did you see this beauty?

    Marilyn Monroe watch. How naff :drunk:
  12. Bexi

    He's Back!

    James Russell is back on bid tv :mysmilie_512:
  13. Bexi

    Handbag & Shoe Over Door Hooks

  14. Bexi

    This is nice...

    and by nice I mean horrible
  15. Bexi

    Did anyone see Howard on the Ab Dance?

    Howie was riding this exercise machine and was all hot, sweaty and breathless (calm down Mommabear) :tongue: It's got awful reviews by the way "It does not glide smoothly - it grinds, stratches the metal work and is generally a useless piece of equipment. I sent first one back as it marked...

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