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    A sinking ship

    I barely watch shopping channels these days. Not since BID UP disappeared. But have flicked over to IW a few times recently. Mainly through boredom but also because a friend told me the state the channels are in and I wanted to see for myself how bad things are - I didn't have to watch for long...
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    Man in a dress

    I havent watched Gems in a while. when did they hire a female impersonator? he's very excitable!
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    Be careful what you wish for!

    I am really glad to see BID now have owners who have a solid vision for the channel and are forcing a more professional approach from the presenters. i am one of there biggest fans but have to admit their sloppy attitude at times (background noise, shouting at the camera, dusty poor quality...
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    Stop blaming the messenger!

    I think it's about time this forum started blaming the right people for bids problems. It's all well and good blaming the presenters but they are hardly the ones running the company and have hardly been given free-reign to do and say anything they want!! The producers, assistant producers...
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    Andy Hodgson should be fired!

    I have never been a fan. i cant stand his constant melodic voice. "if you want comfort buy this, if you want support buy this, if you want quality buy this" i loath the way he adopts a naff infomercial patter when ever he does a demonstration. "First you get the steak knife, then you get the...
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    Same crap just better presented

    Flicking back and forth from QVC to BID and I am finding it hilarious how they both sell such similar products. Yet QVC seem to be so much better at polishing turds. Last night I watched a girl on Q trying to flog me the cheapest looking nasty pink makeup bag for £40! This morning I am being...
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    There was a tablet on bid this morning for £99 delivered with a 9 inch screen but I haven't heard of the brand. Does anybody know if it is a good deal? It seemed really impressive! I think it is called I media?
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    BIG savings club

    Considering the spot light which is shining on BID TV at the minute i am amazed they still run 'the big savings club' which is anything but! im not one to knock BID without cause, but this really gets on my wick. its an absolute con ! For those who dont know, basically if you purchase an item...
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    Free p&p!!!!

    Some great buys yesterday with free postage. The A frame telescopic ladder really tempted me at £79.99 and free delivery. Also a good looking halogen oven with fixed lid and digital display for under £40 delivered. again I'm really surprised nobody is talking about this with all the uproar...
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    Links of london.

    I fully expected to see a huge thread on here discussing the links of London deal of the day. A lovely bracelet for just £12.99+ add on's. I'm really surprised to see it has been ignored. Did everyone miss it?
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    BID TV - Best value shopping channel

    If you judge BID by the products that are sold by other shopping channels they are by far the best value retailer: - Philosophy makeup - Yonanas - Steam mops - Steam cleaners -Floating candles - Halogen ovens - Karcher -memory foam And a few more too. I know they sell some odd and cheapy...
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    Bid victimised by asa

    Bid victimised After receiving a reply from the ASA for some complaints i lodged against OTHER shopping channels its seems pretty clear to me that BID are being victimised by the ASA. if the same complaints had of been lodged against BID there is no doubt in my mind they would have been...
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    TOP 10 quality buys

    So heres my top 10 'quality' buys that BID have available at the mo' 1 - Yarvik tablet 2 - Philosophy make up set 3 - 12 liter Halogen Oven with 3l extender 4 - Yonanas 5 - Rocha perfume 6 - Panjaban curry sauces 7 - 9 in 1 multicolour 8 - floating candles 9 - Blue Magic 10 - and of...
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    Fab Deal of the day!!

    The models co range that is the current deal of the day is sensational. The mascara is amazing and actually extends your lashes. And its light weight too and goes on really nicely. It's usually around £30 by itself. I haven't used the bronzed but it is really well reviewed and the set is upwards...
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    Two sides to a coin

    The word FORUM derives from ancient Roman meaning. it was a place in the city where people would meet and debate issues. a place of assembly. a place where both sides would air their opinions. Is there any chance that on THIS forum the people who actually like BID TV can have their opinions...

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