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  • Hi Bluebell, thanks for the friends invite!

    I haven't been on the forum really for the past few days, hope you are well. :)
    Hi Bluebell,
    Getting there...slowly but surely. It was only 4 weeks ago. The holiday was good in so much as the children enjoyed themselves which was fantastic as they were affected by it all. Will be back to full forum strength once I finish wading through all the washing and ironing!!!!!! Love, Fi xxxx
    Hi there, glad to hear that you got your certificate, what's next for you?
    Got my AD too, I think it's nicer than the spring one. Have you had a look yet?
    Happy Birthday to DD for tomorrow.
    Hi BB

    Lovely to hear from you well done and what an achievement you should be very proud of yourself. I am very well and also have some news, I have a new job to look forward too, administrator/PA to a manager in sheltered accomodation. I have been totally fed up in my present job, never in a million years did I think I stood a chance but there you go really pleased and also nervous. Take care and speak soon Debbie XX
    aww Ok Bluebell i will let you get on. Please get back to me if you need any more help at any time xxx Love Dazzler! xxx
    Hi BB

    Thanks so much for the friend request it will be an honour to be your friend. Take care hun, love Gill xxx
    Hi BB,
    Don't apologise. Just glad to hear that you are okay.
    I know what you mean about the forum, it can be quite a distraction !!
    I haven't watched much QVC either, although did see some of the L'Occitane TSV, but was good and didn't buy anything. Brought the LE TSV - well you have to, don't you. It would be wrong not too !!!
    Going to watch the Nails Inc TSV tomorrow night - think I will get it.
    Take care and I'll talk to you soon.
    T x
    Hi Bluebell, you are welcome hope you got the user cp message page sorted xxxx speak again soon Lots of Love Dazzler! xxxx

    Hi Bluebell,

    Just dropping by to say have a fab weekend xxxx Hope you are ok Love Dazzler! xxxxxxxxxxx
    Hiya, my black pearls arrived today and you are right, they are lovely!
    Hi BB, ooh thanks for that ! Mine are the black too. Not normally a fan of black, but I love the - what you described as the petrol on water look, so pleased to hear that you like them! Will take em off cheque hold then, resistance is

    Yoohoo BB, so you can really recommend that Honora set?
    Am still umming and erring :eek:. Which colour did you go for?

    I think you'll love the TSV, I was sorely tempted, but too dainty for me :eek:.

    Congratulations on passing all your exams honey xxxxxxxxx
    Hi Bluebell,
    Thanks so much for the Friend Request.
    It's good to be back up and running again. I don't know about you, but I missed not being able to chat the other night.
    Talk to you soon. Take care.
    T x
    Hi R,
    Thanks so much for the Friend Request. So glad we're back again.
    And again, well done on passing your exams, but I had no doubt you would! xxx

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