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  • Hi BlueBell, Again...... congrats on your exams!!!! Only 1 more year to do and you will reach your goal, just fab! I hope you don't mind I add you as a friend....
    Hi Bluebell

    Many congratulation's on passing your course, well done you. I am really pleased for you xxxx.
    Hi there BB.Hope everything s going ok for you xx
    Edit.Just read your news.Well done,you!!
    You must be thrilled to bits.Will email asap xxx
    Hi Bluebell, Thanks for your message. I'm fine thanks hope you are ok. Forget that, I just read that you passed your course. Huge congratulations to you. All your hard work paid off. I'm really pleased for you. Well done. xxx
    Forgot to add BB that your reply didn't come through to my page - I just happened to check back on yours. xxxxx
    Hi BB

    Well done you!!! I thought you were due to find out. Would you object if I started a Congratulations thread? Credit where it's due I say!

    Love BL xx
    Thanks BL
    My lecturer told me today that everything had been signed off, I have passed the whole course, I hadnt actually posted anything on the forum.
    I think most folk are fed up hearing about my college course lol

    Take care xx
    Hi BB

    Good to see you back! Hope you're O.K. Have you received your exam results yet? Sorry if you've already posted and I missed it with all the forum hiccups.

    Love BL xx
    Its fine thanks, I have completed everything!!!! yippeee
    I have just re-registered tonight.
    I quite fancied changing my name but thought it might be confusing and couldnt think what else to be called!! lol
    Hi Bluebell xxxxx

    I am ok thanks. Hope you are. I have been looking for you to befreind, glad everything is on the ball again xxxxx How is your course work going xxxx

    Lots of Love Dazzler!
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