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    happy Birthday Bluebell - hope your day is as special as you! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Dear Rhona
    I have started a thread in the pets section of the Drop about my new kitten that came today. He's sooo sweet!
    Hope you're keeping well
    Love Alice x x
    poor thing, I see you are feeling sick on your mood thing. Hope you feel better soon.
    Ohhh Lovely sounds like you are in for a fabulous evening. Enjoy your Birthday and the time with your lovely parents.

    Thank you Bluebell.

    Take care of yourself love and hugs. speak soon Dazzler! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    aww well you get resting and get better for the weekend. Hope you have a lovely Birthday hope you have somethig nice planned. i am off out this saturday with a friend i will eb thinking of you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Sorry to see you are sick Bluebell hugs and love and I hope you feel better soon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Have only just found the pictures of your two gorgeous black & white kittens! My own little 'Milly' ( who's coming next Thursday) is rather like your own sweet 'Millie' funny we came up with the same name! Long may they bring you love, companionship and cuddles..
    Alice x x
    Hi Bluebell.

    aw how sweet of you to think of me. Its TTOTM horrible! Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend too Lots of love to you Love Dazzler! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Bluebell, I'm fine thanks! Hope everything is good with you too? My halo has slipped lately, as I said. I had been doing quite well recently too! Best way is not to watch I think!
    L x three weeks time a little friend for Suki is coming. A black & white kitten with a cute smudge on her nose. Think I'll be calling her 'Milly' and will post a picture to you. I'm so excited but I don't think Suki is!
    Im alot better thanks Bluebell. just having a bad week, what with my tum then the bank charges arrived my goodness!! Hubby has had to transfer our direct debits in my account so he can tackel the overdraft! Then hubbys sat nav got nicked out his car. Fingers crossed that things improve for me.

    Hope you are okay and enjoying being a brainy Beauty expert, I know where to come when I need some tips now. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Thanks very much BB, I've had a really lovely day. xx
    Hi BB

    Congratulations !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are now a qualified Beauty expert!!! well done now get auditioning on QVc and take alison Youngs job "Literally" lol

    Hope you are having a good weekend. i have been a bit off this weekend Im afraid I went down with a tummy bug yesterday and spent the day in bed sickness and the trots oh no!! Im feeling a bit better today though think it will take a few days to recover so am taking it easy today.

    Take care lots of love Dazzler! xxxxxxxxxxx
    oh goodness me, I couldn't let the fab news that you are now fully qualified pass, I'm so pleased for you I wanted to celebrate something good happening. You must be ecstatic. Told you it would all be worthwhile.
    Lots of love, Yolanda xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Bluebell,
    Just to say that I'm thrilled for you in your fab achievement.
    Lots of love, Yolanda xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Hiya BB,I'm fine thanks very much xx
    Having a busy time atm as Donna is still at home waiting to move into her house next Saturday.My house has been up-ended for the last 3 months.
    Dad's 80th birthday is tomorrow 18th but we had a lovely birthday meal last night & my brother Alan came home from Gloucs with his wife & we had a fab time.
    Didn't get in till gone 3am lol
    Have you finished college yet?Donna only asked me the other evening how you are doing & if you'd finished.
    Lots of love
    Margaret xxxx
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