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  • I see we have acquired the same marcasite bracelet. :D
    MT is going back, it's not a comfy fit on me as well as being pricey. Have you had your replacement yet?
    just wondering who you are supoporting in the BB final? I can't decide, I think it's more a case of who I least dislike :D
    Hi bsb how are you need a favour if i give u the item numbers could u put some more pics on for me please, look forward 2 hearing from u pm
    Hi, just to say my reply to your reply on the sweepstake thread, (if you can follow that!, ) was not meant to be sarcastic towards you, just trying to give a funny reply to your comments!, hope you did not take it the wrong way. I also assume as you do that Nicole will probably nominate,not that that helps me at all with my prdeictions!! xx
    p.s. have just re-read this and it sounds like the ramblings of the old person I have just become!!!
    Hiya, Just popped by to say a massive Thank You again for what you did tonight at Rocks.TV
    Not many would have done that - you are a star xxx

    Hi Blueshowbiz, thank you SO much for the Arbonne samples. I got them today. Much appreciated.
    Joolz x
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