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    Garden Pick of the Month

    I have a feeding station like this its very heavy cast iron and has a heavy concrete base to stop it falling over.
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    Trio TSV 25/11/23

    Thats the one I am wearing today after saying I wont be buying it. I agree its not christmassy but the colours are ok. I popped into Primarni and bought some christmas glitters for way under a pound. Must have bought it in my sleep. It happens!
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    Bath & Body Works TSV 12/12/23

    Talking about candles I am burning Yankee Frosted Gingerbread. S(y)uperb
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    Liz Earle TSV 7/12/23

    I bought some years ago when they were first sold. they were quite nice. Tested some a few days ago they are nowhere as strong.
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    L'Occitane TSV 18/11/23

    It is very interesting Donna I dont mind a cheap dupe tbh but there is usually a difference.
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    JM Home By Julien Macdonald TSV 30/11/23

    From the Cosy Home factory but with Julien's label.
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    Jill Franks

    He's a big bore. Never watch him...."This little top to go with these little trouser." 🥱
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    New Beauty Items

    Did not like the Elemis Essence did not hydrate on any level compared to my fab Body shop Essence.
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    Liz Earle Superskin TSV 21/11/23

    Its doable the Skinsense mask. Not a bad result either for the money and 4 times the size of the Marine mask.
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    New Beauty Items

    Nice zipped case of goodies. Really worth every penny.
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    Liz Earle Superskin TSV 21/11/23

    Thats the main reason why I bought it and there was some other products that I really like
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    Liz Earle Superskin TSV 21/11/23

    Dont get me wrong its gorgeous one of my very favourite products. Just very thick and wet so I am afraid to sleep in it in case it gets in my eyes.
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    New Beauty Items

    I bought this on on offer roughly a month ago at least.
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    Liz Earle Superskin TSV 21/11/23

    Sleep in masks can be like that heavy, wet and sticky because they are using the fact its on all night. Its off putting. But the Skinsense mask is not too bad to sleep in. Its not as sticky or heavy as the Elemis mask which is gorgeous but would never sleep in it
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    Shay & Blue TSV 08/11/23

    I bought from a similar site but this site is a wee bit cheaper. Still better than the department stores though.