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  • Hi Becca

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you; I've had all kinds of computer troubles over Christmas - aaarrrggghhhh, it was driving me crazy! lol

    It sounds as though you had a very restful holiday. I think bed is the best place to be at the moment too - it's so blinking cold over here at the moment!

    Sparklies for Christmas is the very best thing. Lucky you, I hope you were pleased with what you got! I'm still overdoing it I'm ashamed to say, but my New Year's resolution is to cut back a bit - well maybe! lol I've bought a few things from Rocks & Co (not too much), a couple of loose gemstones (to have made into something eventually) and some bits n bobs from a friend. I haven't bought anything from GemsTV since June of last year (eeeek, hard to believe); it's sooooo dull these days.

    Hope to see you on the forum this year. I should start lurking myself and be more active!

    Here's hoping the New Year brings you everything you wish for and some great new bling as well!

    Love Margot
    Hi Becca

    Just saw you online and wanted to send you my best wishes for the New Year.

    Pamela xx

    Hope you and your family have a very happy Christmas Becca and all the best for the New Year.
    Love Margot xx

    P.S. Hope you're still enjoying buying your bling!
    Hi Hun, how come you're still not made a VIP Member? You have more patience then I would have....lol. I wouldn't worry about the houswork if I were you, it'll get dirty again anyway...waste of bliddy energy.......lol :p, kidding :D.
    Had a great summer, spent some time in Spain.
    I know what you mean about the weeds, I think my weekend will be spent pruning and weeding :rolleyes:. Oh the joy, might pretend I have a headache ;).

    Take care, see you soon!

    Marion, xxx
    Hi Becca, nice to see you back on here after your hols. Pretty quiet on the Gems forum now......any thoughts of re-starting Badda Bling? :D
    Hi Becca, are you still in France? Hope you're having a great time, see you when you get back, or IF you get back :eek: ;).

    lol, aw nice to hear from you too! Have a great holiday!
    See you when you get back, xxx
    Hi Becca, just noticed your name at the bottom of the Forum!
    Alles goed met je? Hasn't Graham upgraded you yet? If you drop him a PM, he'll do it for you. Groetjes, xxx
    You say you are packing. Where are you going, anywhere nice. It has just started raining here. Understatement. POURING !! It has definately cooled things down. Carol X
    Hiya, just popping in to say hello and ask how you are doing ? Carol. X
    Tell your Mum that they do have shops in France! lol I'm just the same way though. We just got back from the Lake District, where we were renting an apartment, and I took most of our groceries for the week!:eek: My hubby said 'you do realise they have supermarkets in the north of England, don't you!:D We had a great time, but the weather was a bit iffy. So, no more holidays now until September/October for us.:( Good luck packing everything into your car and have a wonderful holiday Becca. Margot xx
    Oooh lucky you spending the Summer in France. I've spent a lot of time over there and love the food, the people, the weather, well everything! At least you'll be guaranteed some sunshine and an escape from the MIL! lol Maybe it's a good idea not having BB. You'll be able to stay more firmly on that wagon! I should try doing without it for a while myself!
    Have lots of fun Becca and good luck with the packing! I really, really hate packing for holidays! :-(
    Love Margot xx
    Hi Becca
    Good to see you back on the forum. I wondered if you'd left us! Your Rhodolite & Diamond bracelet sounds lush. Any chance of a piccy? I'm supposed to be on the wagon, but I just bought a Tanzy bracelet last week - oops - not from Gems though!
    Take care. Margot xx
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