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  • So good to hear from you I was going to have to kidnap another partner in crime and you know how long it takes to bend them to our way of thinking !!!! Im sorry that you are having such a hard time ,keep your pecker up ( steady steady !) or anyone elses that you can think of . PM me if you need anyone / anything / anywho /anywhere some where over the rainbow captives fly etec etc etc mwwwwaaaahhhhhhhhhhh etc
    Hi there S,
    thank you for sending the love and good vibes to me at this somewhat difficult time. My God, what interpol will do to try to prevent me from kidnapping Irish men....I hope you are okay and that you have kept in training...
    Lots of love, Yolanda xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Fear not sweets! I have very strong gums and can still chew through leather. That sado-masochist in Bulawaya taught me a lot...mainly to avoid sado-masochists. Nevertheless.... Mwaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! Lots of love, Yolanda xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    My God! The criminal mastermind that is brenny is something to behold when in full bloom so to speak. YSL: Why it's just ripe for lunatics, I mean, fashion gurus of our calibre. Where will this genius lead us next?
    Mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and so on and so forth. Yours Y!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    my dear S, one day I know you will tell me the other letters in your name, but until then, you will always be s to me.
    I like the way your mind works. Naturally I do since it works in the same way mine does. I believe we are geniuses waiting to emerge to a stunned world. The Psychiatrist said to me: "Do you think you are ready for this yet?" I gave him that slow smile amputated by scorn and said; "Have you not read my paper on Unmotivated Giggling in Caribou?" That silenced him once and for all. Well, that and the pickaxe I inadvertently left in his head. Onward, onward! Love Y.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    hi, just an update re mission.
    Training is going well and although I had anticipated a say in the actual planning of campaigns, the women think my services might be better employed as company cook. This is not an easy job with foodstuffs scarce, but somebody has to do it and, all things considered, my first meal was a big hit. True, not all the women are partial to gila monster but we can't be choosy, and apart from some picayune eaters who are prejudiced against any reptile, dinner came off without incident.
    Desertion could become a minor problem but so far optimism and team spirit have kept it down to 3 out of every 4 women.
    snuffles feels that perhaps she was premature in predicting an August success and indicates that total victory might require additional time. Strangely enough, Fleur and sillsausage have turned from their field maps and charts and rely more heavily now on astrological readings and the entrails of birds.
    Lots of love, yolanda xxxxxxxxxxxx
    Yes, the thallium related hair loss can be a bugger, but as you say, I have the wigs to sort out any situations which may arise. Indeed, I am hoping that the golden showers website will welcome me with open tena ladies.
    So glad to be able to include my psychic other half in any future plans - these things work so much better when two psychos, I mean, enthusiasts are on board...Mwaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Y. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Thank God you made the escape good this time. Keep sucking on that battery. I'm managing by imbibing thallium liberally mixed with the urine of a yak force fed with plutonium. It seems to be helping. My images are so much clearer and I find the voices easier to access. Hope you didn't mind me starting the birthday thread, thought it would take your mind off the electroconvulsive therapy for a while.
    The universe never leaves me alone but I am now making that a mutual non leaving alone and the universe is quivering with fear as we speak...Y.xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi there missus, Hope you're having a great day, and hope the effects of the lithium are now wearing off...Lots of love, Yolanda xxxxxxxxxxx
    I knew it! I knew there was some sort of strange almost paranormal Twilight Zone-y type of thing going on: we are psychically/psychotically linked. How exciting! Or as the world would say: How worrying! Nevertheless, it bodes well for future crimes, I mean, hobbies and pastimes to while away the hours. So sad to hear that you're under another section order - do hope you manage to fool them, I mean convince them as to your obvious sanity...Try not to chew through the leather holds this time. Courage, mon brave! Mwahaaaaah! Lots of love and mogodon from your psychic counterpart, Yolanda xxxxxxxxx
    Thing is, see, it all happened without my knowledge, and even stranger, without my actually being there....I now realise that I really do live in 2 parallel universes. I only wish I could get to the other 'liam' one cause it looks more fun than this poopy goop I'm stuck with in the greyer universe. Wonder whether Stephen Hawking can help me...Beam me up, Scottie! I'm deeply moved at the idea of the skin dirndl, so refined for this time of year. Also, we crime type people often get criticised for wasting life: well, that's no waste, is it? Smashing! And thanks for the birthday greetings. Already onto a winner when compared with last year which was a Friday the 13th and spent in hospital having a colonoscopy and polypectomy without sedation. Oh, how the medics and I chortled about that one! Lots of love, Yolanda xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Now then, missus. Since I have developed a major obsession with Irish actor Liam Cunningham, I feel sure that you are the person who can bring about a successful resolution to the problem. I know you are not averse to a bit of kidnapping and the like, so That's what I think we will do: over to Dublin to seek out stealthily; kidnap using handcuffs, ropes and drugs if necessary, then hold hostage for....well, forever, what's wrong with that? I think it's a plan and it will take our minds off our lists for a few days at least. I have, anyway, run out of the paraquat and am therefore, temporarily unable to bring about fatalities at the rate I prefer: one every 11 seconds. The typewriter cleaning fluid, though effective at inducing comas, fails to take the situation further. Therefore, I have to live with the knowledge that some day soon, my victims will be speaking to the Police, albeit using a series of blinks...
    Hope you are currently canvassless and as far removed from a sectioning order as you can be. Lots of love, Yolanda xxxxxxxx
    tr t
    I think we should probably invent cyberasbos, they sound like a fabbo idea to me. Just think, we will no longer be able to wreak havoc on the plantet Zargon... Well, your techy skill is obviously coming on, albeit slowly....Lots of love, Yolanda xxxxxxx
    When I log on I'm getting a message saying, invalid link, notify administator. Is it just me? Cripes, just when you think you've mastered as much technology as you will need....Yes, indeed, my list, too, is growing by the minute...Lots of love, Yolanda xxxxx
    They are great thanks Sarah. That's very kind to offer milk too but I'm ok on cleansing. The foam one is really nice, very handy for me to take away :) The forum seems to be getting back to how it was now with avatars and other sections added...yay! Hate it when it disappears. XX
    Well, It's nice that someone recognises what I had always referred to in my more deluded moments as my innate superiority....The site still isn't working quite right for me and I have no thanks button which is difficult for an eternally grateful soul like myself....Lots of love, Yolanda xxxxxx
    Hi there,
    It's taking me ages to get my account up and running again. I'm not listed as VIP yet but hopefully it will be sorted soon. Lots of love, Yolanda xxxxxx
    Hi Sarah It's showing that you've accepted as you're on my friends list now :) I should be showing on yours too. Good to see you back on here. xx
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