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    I like the Kim and Co TSV

    :grin::grin: There ! I have said it , not only do I like it I have bought it in the black and white option , My only concern is that it might be too short for me, Anyone else got it ? or is it just me , Billynomates :grin::grin:
  2. brenny

    It Must Be Nearly Time , I Cant Wait

    It must be nearly time for IW to roll out their Patio Set Pick of the Day , They usually have at least 3 a month once it gets to spring . Im glued to the TV waiting for it , Prehaps Moira C will do an Itsapatioumbrella to match .
  3. brenny

    Anne Dawson Tatoos

    I wasnt really paying attention , flicking through the channels . Anne Dawson on the weekend kitchen hour looked like she had heavily tatood arms , Then I realised it was a leopard skin effect T shirt under a black T shirt , Must get eyes tested or pay more attention
  4. brenny

    OMG ! They may have been right :happy::happy::happy:
  5. brenny

    Hannahs Candles

    :clapping: Following a previous thread I was really really aprehensive about these ( I bought 2 of the TSVs for Xmas gifts ) Yep the Gingerbread was so awful I out it straight into recycling , bad bad curry was thescent I got. BUT I had got bored with the Yankee candles I was burning and...
  6. brenny

    Julia Looks really nice

    I thnk that Julias look tonight is really good , the dress fits well dosnt emphasise her chest and she looks relaxed in it , Anyone else agree ?
  7. brenny

    Emelia shapewear before and after pics

    In the show this morning they had the model Sheila showing a skirt that she said she hadnt worn for a long time . She stated how shocked she was by the gap at the top of the zip about 4 inches , the problem was not that the skirt was too small but she had hooked it down to her hip level in the...
  8. brenny

    Beware Customer Service Call !

    :12: Just got a call from someone called David saying they got my number as I had shopped with Gems , and it was a customer service call and a consumer relations call, they mentioned an organization but I was already on guard so missed the name , The call started to go along the lines of the...
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    Glen fashion man now !

    What on earth are his trousers made of ...............or should I say trouser they are horrible like cheap jogging pants
  10. brenny

    Andy Loves eyebrows

    What on earth is going on with them ? He is looking more and more unusual , Im sure he never used to look like this , He is begining to resemble the Joker , or Melinda messenger or the Nails inc demonstrator on QVC Could it be Botox ? He has had the new hair cut jobby that is sometimes used to...
  11. brenny

    Fantasic service

    My previous post was Basket problems but I felt that the resolution was so good that a new thread was needed , not only did Katherine sort the problems but the order arrived today at one p+p . Lovely haul last of the christmas presies sorted now to shop for:5: mine . LOL
  12. brenny

    Basket Problems

    I know that several other people are having problems with items in thier baskets , specifically the pearl braclet from BCC night . I have one item that is reprted as a " stock problem " Citrine cufflinks . Thats no big problem for me , but my basket is now showing items that I have already...
  13. brenny

    How did BCC event go ?

    After the first item I lost sound and vision so wasnt able to join in . How did it go ? Hope they raised lots and the gremlins where sorted for everyone else . Thanks to Rocks anyway for putting this on .

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