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    FCUK coming to QVC? Could this be the same brand? Very strange choice for QVC to start stocking don't you think? Maybe they are finally trying to expand into things people may actually want.
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    New Diamonique Packaging.

    So its gone with the teal boxes with white ribbons to a pink box with Diamonique written on it. Probably cheaper to produce.
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    Lulu Guinness Accessories TSV 06/02/17

    I went very sensibly with my first one, this gorgeous little daphne with the printed sides. My second one was very different for me, but something really drew me towards it
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    Philip Kingsley

    Was watching the show this afternoon with "Dame" Julia Roberts and was really shocked to hear that PK had died, when I googled it, he passed in September, was there any mention of this on Q at the time?
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    Healthy Living with imedeen TSV 03/01/17

    Price is shown here
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    The Poppy Collection 2016 I like that its for a good cause, but now it seems to just be too many different designs and its making it a little less "special" imo
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    Peony Returns...

    Just a heads up anyone thinking of ordering Peony on QVC it used to be if you wanted to return an item they'd come and collect it from you free of charge thats now changed, you still call CS as instructed on the slip in the package, and they then give you an address to send it to (the ruckley...
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    Gold Fever

    Have had the gold fever show on in the background as I've been working from home today, I must say I really like the guest, she has a very relaxing voice and is rather knowledgeable!! I was even tempted by a ring. Did anyone else watch? Any more temptations?
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    Hairdo advice needed please..

    I recently ordered a few Hairdo items as I wanted to give them a go seeing as they were on 4 easy pays, they've arrived today and in the box there's a leaflet which says you can only return them if the tag is still attached, so please feel to try it out all you like for 30 days and if it doesn't...
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    The Biba guest is the guest for this new brand too... Is this the new name for bibi? Or just a sister brand from the range?
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    What The Duck-Sprinkler?

    Item no:507433 Yeiser 6 Function Duck Sprinkler QVC Price: £37.00 P&P: £4.95 :mysmilie_11: Words fail me...
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    Lock & Lock TSV 12/4/16

    its live... and it says if you are a brand new customer, you will have your P&P cost refunded, I think thats unfair - another reason for me not to buy.
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    P&P should be lower...

    I've noticed lately that quite a few of the items I order are now being delivered in ghastly plain grey plastic bags rather than the official QVC branded green padded envelopes... Surely these bags are much cheaper as you could buy them anywhere as they have no reference made to QVC on them at...
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    Haven't seen loen for ages on IW, does anyone happen to know if she's left or where she is? I know her husband is still on c&c... She is one of the only presenters I can watch on IW
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    Lulu Guinness Paula Mid Polished Leather Handbag OTO

    Item no:157826 Lulu Guinness Paula Mid Polished Leather Handbag QVC Price: £368.88 One Time Only Price: £307.92 P&P: £6.95 Black or Mist A polished leather, doctor's-style bag with a zip fastening, two leather handles and an adjustable, detachable strap. This chic, go-anywhere design feels...

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