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    Hi Sharon,
    I'm so happy to hear that you have got your Master's, that's wonderful and I'm really pleased for you. All that work was worthwhile in the end, eh? Thanks for letting me know, it's lovely to get a bit of good news and I couldn't be happier for you.

    Lots of love, Yolanda xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Hi Sharon

    I'm OK thanks, just very busy with one thing and another really. Haven't been logging on to ST very much at all recently. Hope all is well with you and yours and thanks for thinking of me.

    Chris xx
    Hi Sharon,
    Like the Avatar. Just popped in to see if all goes with you, everyone well I hope. Where's that lovely Son of yours at the moment.? I have been mad busy with work this last few weeks, hopefully if will calm down now.... I mean it's been affecting my Scoring on the Quiz.....LOL.......
    Good weekend Sharon. Love and Best Wishes. Patsy xxxxxxxxx
    Hi Sharon,
    I have to know if my friends that do the quiz are O.K. Especially the one's that get the 10'
    Have a good day.
    Love Patsyxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Sharon,
    I was going to ask the same as Perdy. Hope all is well.
    Love Patsy xxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Sharon,

    I noticed you haven't done the quiz for a couple of days and thought I'd drop by to say that I hope everything is alright with you and yours.

    Fiona xxx
    Hi Sharon,
    You naughty girl trying to get me to do the H.Potter Quiz, I have a bad enough time doing the ones I think I Things have been up and down here lately but all seems to be on the turn for the better now. Hope all is well with you and yours, where, and how is your Son getting on.? Have a good day and week ahead.
    Lots of Love and Best Wishes. Patsy. xxxxxxxx
    Hi Sharon,

    I love this warm weather, wish it was like this all year round really, will have to make the most of it and sit in the garden . Yes I am looking forward to Liz Earle TSV cant wait! Also her new products will launch Sept so looking forward to tryng those two. Take Care Lots of love Dazzler! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
    Yes indeed, Praise God! We are in, and back ón line as of yesterday. It has been the most awful move. Everyone (in the business) I've spoken to have only ever had 2/3 people in 10/20 years not able to complete on the specified day. We made the decision to start the eldest one at his new school anyway, 4 bus journeys a day for me from the old house, but in the end I only did that the one day because we moved the next day! We had about 17 hours notice in the end and even then our buyers money didn't come through until after 4pm. My parents were fantastic as always. Dropped everything and straight down the motorway to help.
    So we are here at last, surrounded by boxes and ever so slightly worn out!
    Love Evangel
    Hi Sharon,
    Just to say thanks so much for your kind comments about me. It's so nice to have something positive to compare the usual statements from Interpol with...
    I thought that you would appreciate this snapshot of Mrs James feeding my cat, Bunty. I somehow felt that you would understand when I mentioned Bunty's subsequent nervous breakdown and reliance on therapy and tranquilisers...
    Hope you are okay.
    Lots of love, Yo. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Hi Sharon,
    Still haven't found another job yet. Not a lot about at the moment.
    I was devastated last month as I had to have my beloved GSD euthanased. I'm now 'trying' to look forward to my holiday in july but it is very difficult. I miss her so much.
    Can't say there has been much on QVC to interest me lately. I'm looking forward to seeing LE tsv, won't be buying tho' . Will you?

    Chat soon
    love Jill xx
    Hi Sharon thanks for the text and the message on my return very much appreciated! I saw Theresa in the canteen the other day and she looks wrecked I think the amount of work is all but killing her! She even says she is dreading Florida, they have put tyheir house on the market so are frantically decorating every evening too, she said to let her know when the next meet up is so hopefully she can attend! Hope mum is doing well and that you arent working too hard! Seeya real soon! Love Heather XXXXX
    Hi Sharon,
    Long time, no see!
    How are you? Can't seem to catch you here lately. Are you still working hard?
    Love Jill xx
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