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  • Hiya, I'm feeling very slow tonight:confused:.....Somewhere in the last month it dawned on me......and tonight I finally remembered to Google......

    Just call me thick, or can I be excused growing up rc...:34:
    hi Sharon,
    thanks so much for your lovely comments on the thread about me and for posting on my page, much appreciated.
    I hope you are okay and that life is being kind to you right now.
    Lots of love, Yolanda xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Hi Sharon,
    Managed to survive another birthday. Sounds as if you had a lovely time, especially with your sons surprise appearance. We had a nice meal with the family and I got some nice pressies.
    Not much luck on the job front yet, there is not much about. I'm still at the dentists but down to one day a week and that is just till the endof the month.

    I'm looking forward to the LE TSV as I expect you are too.

    chat soon

    Love Jill xx
    Hiya Sharon, tootsie says hi too! Well Russell Brand, what can I say?? Fantastic, havent laughed so much in years absolutely hilarious, tootsie loved it! I have a few dodgy pictures on the forum but it was a ball breaker trying to get them as it was a strict no camera, no mobile, no picture policy even for the Belfast Telegraph, but I managed to get several, although they are a bit blurred ( or is that the wine??)
    See ya soon gal!
    Love Heather XXXXX
    Hi Sharon, sorry to have missed your birthday, so a belated Happy Birthday from me! Work has been hellishly busy at the minute, last night I didnt get home until past 11pm, so I havent gotten online! Off to our Gourmet Game Dinner Night tonight, to celebrate the end of the gaming season, so copious amounts of vino will be consumed! Teasie and I are off to salivate over the deliciously sexy Russell Brand tomorrow night, so we will raise our glasses in a toast to the Norn Ireland ST members, see you in February!

    Love Heather XXXXX
    Just realised I posted a Beleated Happy Birthday for you on my own page by accident!

    Hope it was a good one!

    Love Evangel x
    hi Sharon,
    Ever so sorry to have missed your birthday, hope it was a fab day for you.
    The NHS required my presence for a wee while, but i'm back to discombobulate my fellow fms now!
    Lots of love, Yolanda xxxxxxxxx
    Morning Birthday Girl,

    Don't believe it NOT '50' you don't look a day over
    Hope you have a great day and evening. Welcome to the Club....
    Love and best wishes. Patsyxxxxx
    Hi Sharon

    Just popped by to wish you a very Happy 50th Birthday. Hope you receive lots of lovely presents and cards. My birthday is a big one this year.....few more years than you though!!!

    Love Chris xxxxxxxxx
    Hi Calvin,

    Can't say I'm looking forward to the age factor, are you?

    We are going out for a meal with my daughters and their boyfriends in the evening.

    Chat again soon.

    Love Jill xx
    Hi Sharon

    Happy New Year to you and your family - hope 2009 will be a good one for you.

    Love Chris xxx
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