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    Kelly Hoppen Home Designs TSV 17/09/21

    Not interested in the balls but there's a nice blanket on the show, winter white. Mustn't buy it though even though I need it (sort of). No wine tonight so no doubt the money will be safe. CC
  2. candycane

    Elemis TSV 19/09/21

    I've not much in my stash, just some nearly finished decleor oils so I really need something. I do like the upcoming TSV but if there's more to come maybe I should wait. Or maybe I should get both :D CC
  3. candycane

    The Christmas Grotto TSV 24/09/21

    Ha ha ha ha ha!! They didn't lol, I was just talking nonsense. I meant people come back as robins (in my world) and the robins would perch on pillar boxes. In fact I don't know if they did but they do come in my garden and perch on everything. I never had an uncle Ted but I did have uncle...
  4. candycane


    What? Mr Biagi? I thought he was away rearranging his wardrobe (or maybe not). Can't wait not to watch him. CC
  5. candycane

    Bloom Faux Flowers!

    Mr CC was mesmerised and then tried to hide it by scoffing at the dresses (which he secretly liked). Let's face it - he fancied her :LOL::LOL: Now, where's the spray starch, I've got a dress to get ready. . . . CC And men in their mid sixties who love that stuff are a wee bit suspect ha ha...
  6. candycane

    Ruth Langsford TSV 18/09/21

    I find the woman distasteful. The sort that would snatch the last Rolo. CC
  7. candycane

    I've had enough of.....

    But why?? Why on earth would anyone want to have that hanging out the back of them? Slim girls with monstrous bottoms and chubby girls who naturally have the same. Why do people have those bum stuffing procedures to make it huge? I mean I don't go round staring at people's bums but sometimes...
  8. candycane

    Kathryn Goldsmith

    Ahhh, how nice and I wish her well. I don't usually talk too much family here but 2nd nephew's girly is expecting in Feb. I'll be a great aunt. Great :oops: CC
  9. candycane

    Ruth Langsford TSV 18/09/21

    Let's be honest it's just shite. Did I just say that? Ah yes, after wine o'clock 🍷🍷 CC
  10. candycane

    Elemis TSV 19/09/21

    Heh heh, I think I might be on this for my Christmas and if I play my cards right (or Mr CCs credit card) I could sneak in the auto delivery and he'll never even know. Who on earth would put up with me ;) Edited to add I have paid so many tabs and bar bills and "lend me a tenners" that I so...
  11. candycane

    I've had enough of.....

    The humans who have lost common sense and seem to want to be obsessed by other people's (lardy) buttocks. I am so over looking at fat arses (sorry but it's true). CC
  12. candycane

    Christmas Gift Ideas TSV 02/10/21

    Thank goodness for your posts Strato. At last I know its not just me lol. You do save me a lot of money and make me have second thoughts on purchases. CC
  13. candycane

    The Christmas Grotto TSV 24/09/21

    Er Forumites - are you disrespecting me? I am terminally offended . . . I love robins. The big one is my dear uncle granville, the smaller one is uncle ted. Both like to perch on pillar boxes :D CC
  14. candycane

    Bloom Faux Flowers!

    What!!! No more Miss Julie and her stiff dresses? Mr CC will be inconsolable
  15. candycane

    JM By Julien Macdonald Fashion TSV 05/10/21

    Isn't that style of top the kind of thing that chefs wear, or waiters (in white)? It's awful anyway. CC

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