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    Hi Dave,
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.
    Lots of love, Yolanda xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Just popping in to say hello and wishing you and Nicole all the best. Hope you are both happy and enjoying yourselves xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    She is my friend so i let her have it instead cos am nice like that lol hows the wife x havent seen her on for a bit , is she liking her job ?
    Am glad your good Dave xx no nothing planned was suppost to have nxt week off but my boss want it ..PAH lol and hubby would of been on days but no his on nights this week so have him here alday lol not that i dont like spending time with him i do prefer my own company :)
    Hi Dave
    Thanks for my birthday wishes yesterday chicken xxx
    Hows you ? am fine having a week off work ...bliss lol
    Love Dani xxx
    i am pleased you are okay and congrats to you for your lovelife too xxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Dave, Not seen you around much lately, hope you are okay and life is being kind to you. I am okay, am just off to tidy up now and get on with some fitness. Catch you soon. Love Dazzler! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Happy Easter Dave,sorry it's a bit late,Love Margaret xx
    ps Hope you're ok xx

    Hi Dave you seem to have disappeared so just to wish you Happy Easter
    Love Kathie xxxx
    That's good Ck. look after yourself xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Hi CK

    Hope you are okay and life is treating you kind. Love Dazzler! xxxxxxxxx
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