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  • Hi Caretodiffer, sorry no it wasn't me. I think the person is no longer a member or stopped posting. I cannot remember their name though
    Hi Anna...tried to send this as a PM but your Inbox is full again! Yes, all very worrying as you say, don't want to put too much here on public view.
    Hi Anna, rather than fill your in box I'm replying here. Agree with everything you say. Contact me anytime hun Jude xx
    I'm sorry that I disliked one of your messages. I don't even know which one you mean. I must have just clicked on it by mistake because it certainly wasn't intentional. I use an Iphone a lot of the time and often click on something by mistake so this is what must have happened.
    Sorry if I've caused any upset.
    If you tell me which post it was, I'll post an apology on that thread.
    Hiya! Thanks for PM, I tried to reply the same way but your mailbox is full again! Hope you are soon over that cold/chest infection - nasty - take care, write when you feel up to it...

    I just found your message welcoming me to this site. Thank you. This website is is very informative -I didn't know about returning things under the distance selling regulation. This will save me some money infutre.
    Hi Anna, just found your message. I had tried to save my original PM but I suppose once I'd turned off the computer that vanished...there's probably a way of storing them that I don't know about! Anyway bear with me and I'll get another one typed up as soon as...Carol x
    Hi - have tried to reply to your last PM but you've exceed your PM storage quota apparently! Have you got anything you can clear out so you can accept mine?! Let me know if & when and I'll try re-sending - cheers! Carol x
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