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    Jill is winding me up now.......😡😡

    Thank you shopperholic 🙏 I have stopped shopping with QVC, I had about £ 300 refund from QVC, that I had not cashed as I was unable to , because I was very ill, and my other half had put them away, (he already had a lot on his plate looking after me, the fear of losing me plus a lot of other...
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    Jill is winding me up now.......😡😡

    Didn't Miceal go away somewhere for a couple of days and come back as a " fashion expert " ?;)
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    Jill is winding me up now.......😡😡

    Talking about Covid 19, I wonder if she does wash her hands or / and use the sanitizers, being scared of getting her hands too dry 🙄
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    Jill is winding me up now.......😡😡

    😂 I have not been here for a few years, and am glad to know I can still have a laugh here. Jill will never change, I have always found her so patronising , and it irritates me to no end when she says, " you know me " as if all the viewers are her close friends and are all waiting for every...
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    Mrs "Balls" Makes "b***s Of It Again !

    I have forgotten her name for the moment, you know who I mean, that person who is the guest for Bibi Bijoux, is she called Maxine? She forever calls the beads as "balls" ( she thinks she is being funny) and cannot say Swarovski crystal. Once she called the Miraculous Medals of the Blessed...
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    We Have All Complaint About This Before

    I was watching Morning Style with Kathy ( I watch most fashion hours on QVC and Ideal world TV it is "window shopping" for me :blush: ) She was doing the show with Lesley Ebbetts and Kathy was flustered as usual, she even forgot her tweet (I think )id and was flustered even more. We can...
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    For Heaven's Sake Alexis!

    I have just tuned on to QVC while waiting to watch fashion outlet at 3 pm and L'Occitane is on . I just felt so embarrassed to see Alexis sitting so unladylike with her dress up as much as it will go, and if that was not bad enough, she had her legs apart as well:puke:. It is no point to...
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    Has The Q Got Anything For A 16 Year Old Girl?

    I have to buy a 16th birthday present for a girl who has everything, (well almost everything :happy:). I am looking for something different from the usual. Can I get anything from the Q? I thought about Links of London but they are too expensive for teeny weeny bits in my opinion...
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    Meet QVC's New Glam Presenter!

    Just watching QVC and I can't believe my eyes, there is a presenter who looks really good. Her well groomed hair, make up spot on, not too much plastered on, and wearing some clothes that actually looks good on her. Wondering who it is? It is our own Anne Dawson!!:clapping: Over the past weeks...
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    Who Is This New Presenter?

    I have not watched QVC for a few days. I am watching Nina Leonard and I am seeing a new face. Does anyone know about her? Has she been here before? Thank you :happy:
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    Was She Drunk?

    I watched the fashion hour last night (11 pm)and Genevieve was louder than usual (and I thought that was impossible). She was screeching and cackling louder than her usual self . It was not pleasant to watch the program. She sounded drunk. As she came on the show, she said "Good Afternoon"...
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    Well Done Julia !

    I have just been watching the Radley hour, and Julia was smashing with the guest. She did not talk over her and really put her at ease. It was so different from the last time I saw the Radley presentation with this guest ( I think she is called Tara ) That time the presenter was Sara G, and...
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    Why , Oh, Why?

    Having "the Garden Gnome" on Sundays was bad enough...but now he is on the Q almost every day. He must be really raking in the money, flogging his garden products. He is so annoying and I can't bear him and his "whoarrr" :doh: I want to know why he has another presenter with him during his...
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    Are We Happy To Accept Poor Quality Goods For High Prices?

    I switched on to QVC about an hour ago and I noticed Julia wearing a horrible top and I wanted to know who the designer was. It was Diane Gilman. I must admit that the colour are very nice. The outline of Julia's bra was very visible (we ought to name it VBL.. I hate seeing that when wearing...
  15. caretodiffer

    Marla Wynne???

    This our Marla Wynne? Miss Pennsylvania 1990.

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