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  • It was torrential rain most of Sunday but luckily the A90 wasn't that bad and my area wasn't hit that badly. Stoney is awful and has been in all the news. Decent day yesterday if a little cold, but the rains been heavy here since about 5am this morning. Wellies and waterproof!
    It started as a bit of a celebration due to the success of a work project and I foolishly tried tequila & champagne cocktails when we all went out at night. Never again!!!! Lesson learned. These days I can be tempted by a margarita and a glass of white but that's about as daring as I get. Miserable day here today. I was meant to be meeting my sis at House of Farnell but we're giving it a miss. Off to Stoney for lunch and a browse in the garden centre instead. Have a good Sunday xxxx
    Sounds like you have been busy on the DIY front! I did get over to visit my nephew in Leeds and went out for a meal but didn't have time for shopping. I'm going to spend the day and stay over next time I'm down and will fit in Harvey Nichs & do some Christmas shopping. Good luck with the painting. x
    Hi CT, I got back last night from my Dads. Hope you're well. Been on the pilates this morning - defo need more practise!!!!! Take Care xxxx
    Hi CT, Apologies for not getting back to you sooner. I've went down to York on Thursday to see my Dad, sister & family. My pilates machine arrived on Wednesday so I've ony used it a couple of times but so far, it seems great for my problem knees and I like it! I'll give you a shout later in the week as I plan to go on full on attack to be more toned in time for Christmas!!!!! Hope you had a great weekend! xxxx (might be Christmas 10!!!!!!) xxx
    Hi, Not yet I'm afraid, I'm hoping Monday. Hope the painting went well and you are looking forward to the weekend. Been a bit cooler this afternoon compared to yesterday here but I'm hoping the sun will be out at some point over the weekend. Hope you have a great weekend! xxx
    I did have a lovely weekend. Both my sisters are up visiting this weekend plus I had dinner with friends on Friday. Been a nice day so when I got back later this afternoon I took the dog up to Glenesk. It's been a nice evening. Hope the painting gets finished tomorrow. xxxx
    Well done you! I'm inpressedas I'm hopeless at painting and decorating. Hope the gloss is a success tomorrow and that a large vino has your name on it this evening. xxx
    Sometimes the sensible thing is to keep your talents zipped!!!!! Hope all goes well and you get it finished with time for a wee rest! xxx
    I'm about 50 mins from Dundee and tend to pop down a lot as I love the Borders book store which is ever so handy for Next! Weather is terrible today, I'm watching the knitwear and thinking a few purchases might be essential! x
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