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    Tweak'd TSV 25/11/20

    I've just rediscovered Aveda Sap Moss! :love: 20% off at JL My hair feels and looks better than it has for ages.
  2. China Girl

    Sniffer's back.

    YES! That over exaggerated inhaling of perfumed items is ridiculous, and the exhaling is even louder 😒
  3. China Girl

    45 Minute Shows????

    I'm imagining a Spitting Image show, with all the presenters and brand guests :devilish:
  4. China Girl

    Just go......

    Yes, we wouldn't expect sales assistants in shops to have personally tried everything they sell, so why should Q presenters have to? If I've been given a skincare sample that I've liked, I always tell them on counter if I return to buy the full size. This often results in even more little...
  5. China Girl

    Just go......

    Now she's moved back to London, she seems to be on every time I dare to switch on in the evenings. There will be no getting shut of her now. She has what I call a smug voice, I really can't stand her.
  6. China Girl

    L'Occitane TSV 14/11/20

    I don't use Loccitane, but above posts saying things are now weaker than they used to be....cheaper to make probably, had me wondering what they are going to do to Elemis, now they have got there hands on it.
  7. China Girl

    Elemis TSV 8/11/20

    Perfumes from hell......... Clinique Aromatics Paloma Picasso Angel
  8. China Girl

    Elemis TSV 8/11/20

    I'm not buying but wanted to watch the 9pm hour anyway. Alison Young qualified beauty presenting, but I've had to switch off as my patience has run out. As well as well as well as well aaarrrggghhh! and the model Emma is sat there spraying perfume non stop...
  9. China Girl

    Tiff's face on Tarte show at 9pm

    I named my son David, after Bowie of course :love:
  10. China Girl

    Pantomime Time

    Re emojis.......if you click on the 'more options' icon (3 vertical dots) they are there.
  11. China Girl

    Tweak'd TSV 25/11/20

    I think that will be a day to avoid Q
  12. China Girl

    Pantomime Time

    The Munsters springs to mind.
  13. China Girl

    Prai TSV 26/10/20

    This thread is so funny :giggle: I don't think I've ever seen such cheap and tacky perfume bottles anywhere, even 'cheapo' perfume has nicer bottles. Her skincare muck looks the same sort of tat.
  14. China Girl

    Michael Perry

    Yes, he likes to pose doesn't he, another one far too full of himself.
  15. China Girl

    Ann Dawson is back

    I don't mind Ann, prefer her to DF and JF who are far too full of themselves. Someone please tell Alison Young to stop saying 'as well' in almost every sentence. This is more than a stock phrase, it's a recently acquired annoying habit.

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