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    Liz Earle TSV 20/6/21

    With free postage 🤨and you will get a sample product
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    Liz Earle

    Funny enough, I can’t stand the hand cream! So I would have to disagree with that.
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    Liz Earle

    It is a shame. It’s a lovely cream and smells really fresh. The body balm is ok but a bit rich for everyday. I asked Caroline Archer on Instagram, and she also confirmed it was going, and said that qvc might have stock for a while. I wish they would tell us, so we can stock up if we want to...
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    Ultrasun TSV 02/05/21

    I see they are using 300ml size again instead of the 400ml.....
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    Liz Earle

    I knew that body cream would be discontinued! It wasn’t in the sale after Christmas, and when I asked they said oh it’s just out of stock... I love that cream! I am gutted they are getting rid of it. Bet qvc have it for sale forever more.....
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    Liz Earle

    My third one arrived today in a box!
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    Liz Earle

    How weird.. glad to hear they are replacing it though. Two of mine arrived Yesterday. I’ve never had orders in Jiffy bags before.
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    Gatineau TSV 20/04/21

    I mixed the tan accelerator with body moisturiser as I found it too dry on its own.
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    Gatineau TSV 20/04/21

    Bit of a price difference...... I’m going to savers tomorrow 🤨
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    Liz Earle

    I did the same..... got a body wash for £5.50 on my account, logged off and used hubby’s name to order another one. Interestingly I used the same email for hubby’s order, and they still accepted the £5 off code.... always worth waiting for the last day of the sale
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    Beauty Pick of the Month with Free P&P

    I’m quite interested too. It’s very good value, and will last for ages. But as you say, very mixed reviews
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    Liz Earle 30% Off Sale

    Liz Earle has 30% off hair bodycare and fragrance
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    Ultrasun TSV 31/3/21

    I do like to be in the sun. I sit and read or knit with a big straw hat on to protect my face. I love that you just apply it once and you’re done. But all this “now I want you to” and “for your man” gets right on my wick.
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    Ultrasun TSV 31/3/21

    I do like ultrasun and I’ve used it for a few years now, and no prickly heat. I just can’t stand her...
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    Molton Brown TSV 06/03/21

    That is very Sensible, and very true. I know I would never spend that much in store, and as I only use MB as a once a week treat, I don’t need it. I am very well stocked up with LE body wash so although I think it’s a much better set than the Christmas one, I’m saying no.

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