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  • Good, glad you are fine. The weather is really cold here tonight. Yes I still got the pendant thank you xxxxxx
    Don't need anything yet but might want another skull pendant soon though, I keep getting lots of lovely comments on it. Lots of people want it. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Helen
    No this lady was in Hampshire and the police are treating it as suspicious, not sure what happened to the lady in Devon but this has upset our world
    oh no how sad, was she the lady from Devon that was on the news, cause that was just horrific.
    Hope you have a better week this week.
    Helen xxxxx
    Hi Hunny so sorry to hear that its rough, would you be willing or able to tell me who it is? Are the moderators doing anything about it? I sent a message to the webmaster not sure if thats any good
    Hiya hon I was wondering where you were, yeah the minute I changed back to Jools the same crap started again but I am giving it back in bucket loads to them lol. Do you know how to send pm's? Send one to Graham and make the title VIP and he will sort it for you hon xxxxxxx
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