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    Notice a few new models are appearing. Nice to see a 5’ 2’’ smaller model, Erica, but I wish she wold stop pushing the sleeves up on the garments she’s modelling, and PLEASE will someone sort her fringe out!
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    I've had enough of.....

    The trouble is, they do believe it’s real, and hold these reality stars and singers up as role models. Then, when they get out into the real world, can’t cope. That’s why there are so many ‘mental health’ issues with young folk these days, they can’t separate fact from fiction.
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    Kathryn Goldsmith

    I’ve thought for a few weeks that Kathryn looks as though she’s pregnant, but ( unlike Eilidth!) hasn’t announced it, so I was surprised that Carla mentioned it on air without Kathryn being there.
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    The Huntely - where has she gone ?

    I expect it depends on what’s in their contract.
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    JM By Julien Macdonald Fashion TSV 05/10/21

    So that probably means that they’ll stuff the plus size models in one that’s at least two sizes too small!
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    JM By Julien Macdonald Fashion TSV 05/10/21

    I don’t think that pocket over the bust is very flattering.
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    13/09/21 - 19/09/21 Big Deals

    Aldi have a similar one due toward the end of the month, in cotton, but states the date may be delayed because of the ongoing delivery problems.
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    13/09/21 - 19/09/21 Big Deals

    Oh bugger! It’s polyester! I’m out.
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    Anne Dawson has never mentioned having a first grandchild, and none of the presenters have said anything to Anna about her new baby. Seems strange.
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    13/09/21 - 19/09/21 Big Deals

    Thanks! I might risk ordering a size up, but think I’ll see what the K&Co one looks like first. It is annoying though, isn’t it, when you keep having to fork out p&p and return charges.
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    13/09/21 - 19/09/21 Big Deals

    No, this one is french terry, with a kangaroo pocket item no. 190 724. On the presentation shown on the website (with Glen and Ophelia) she actually says you could go up a size, and actually tells us how tall the larger model is, but DOESN’T say what size she is wearing!
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    13/09/21 - 19/09/21 Big Deals

    Me too, this is a style I like. There is one in the Denim range, in blue and pink, featured in the DENIM TSV shows. I like to wear this style quite loose, so during the presentations I was interested to know 1, what size are the models 2, what size are they wearing? I know that the sizes are on...
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    Ruth Langsford TSV 18/09/21

    Not very flattering, is it?
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    Tili Beauty Treasures Box

    I see that Aldi are doing a beauty box on September 26th!
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    New Presenters

    I live to the west of Birmingham, so there are all creeds and colours in our area. Our house is in a small cul de sac of ten houses. We have five Asian families, four English, and one Irish. I, nor any of my neighbours know any mixed race couples.

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