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    Skechers Footware TSV 08/08/22

    I’ve recently bought two pairs of Sketchers from TKMaxx - £39.99 each. I always find I need to go down a size, so like to be able to try them on first. This you can’t do with QVC, so there is always the worry that you’ll end up paying to send them back ( plus the P&P already paid) which means...
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    08/08/22 - 14/08/22 Big Deals

    What on earth is this monstrosity? With p&p £75 (normal price would be just short of £90) Is Marla Wynn trying to see how much of of this rubbish her loyal followers will buy? No doubt Melissa will be raving about it though! .........and it’s polyester 🥵😱
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    I found him cringey! Didn’t like the way he used to grab hold of and touch the models. Didn’t he pull model Beth’s top down once? All the models looked embarrassed at his antics, but had to pretend to laugh it off. The attitude was ‘oh it’s just Lenny, isn’t he a character?’ NO!!!! That’s how...
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    Marverine Cole

    My 13 year old grandson has (very!) ginger hair, and is often identified or described by his hair colour. He, or none of the family have ever been offended.
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    Julia Roberts

    I quite like Patrick, but I wish he wouldn’t keep saying ‘my mother wold love this/ my mother would tell me to order this for her/ this would suit my mother etc. Surely he doesn’t think we all aspire to look like his mother?
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    Chloe’s new baby.

    An acquaintance of mine has a daughter who is in a same sex marriage. The daughter had her egg fertilised and implanted in her partner, and her partners egg was implanted in the daughter. They used the same donor.
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    Kuhn Rikon TSV 15/08/22

    We have stopped buying Christmas presents in our family. Everyone seems to have enough stuff these days, so you end up buying just for the sake of it, and just swapping similar gifts with each other! It too expensive. We just do present buying for birthdays now, and I think it’s much nicer to...
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    Marverine Cole

    I think she worked on a news channel , and in broadcasting before she came to Q
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    I’ve mentioned this before, all these so called experts, brand ambassadors, guests, or whatever else they present as, are just ‘jobbing actors’ who are desperate to take on any gig their agency offers them! I don’t blame them as I suppose they have to make a living, and wouldn’t turn down work...
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    Yes, I noticed that too! In fact my husband, who takes little notice of QVC said ‘doesn’t that woman own a comb?’ Perhaps she’d got her gigs mixed up, and come fresh from the local tip after looking for junk to upcycle
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    OH, Pleeeeease !

    My dad used tell me about the teachers he had. He said one of them used to walk round the classroom looking at the children’s work. Anyone whose work was wrong or untidy would receive a swift punch (with a closed fist!) on their head behind the ear. This would have been about 1920/1930, as he...
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    OH, Pleeeeease !

    We had an incinerator in the toilets at school. It smouldered away day and night. There were brown paper bags hanging on the back of the toilet doors for used pads , and we had to insert some sort of leaver into the cover of the incinerator (it was like a drain cover!) and drop the brown bags...
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    Jamie was the deaf one, I think he came from Scotland, and the reason she was learning sign language, and became vegan. I thought they we going to be married, but I don’t think he’s still on the scene.
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    OH, Pleeeeease !

    I worked in our local chemist shop when I left school in 1966. Dr. Whites (number 1,2, and 3) and Kotex were kept on the top shelf above the baby products. There were also sanitary pants with a pocketed gusset in which you could secure loopless pads. Needless to say, they were not very secure...
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    OH, Pleeeeease !

    I too am sick to death of getting e mails, and all this sudden obsession with the menopause. I’ve just read an article on QVC stories by someone called Gabriella Espinosa, and quite honestly, words fail me. I’ve no idea who this woman is, and how she is connected to QVC, but what on earth has...

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