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    csi reacted to Toril's post in the thread CHuntley with Like Like.
    I’m not on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook but, if I was, I’d not want a post like that on my account. That first post sounds rather “pervy.”
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    csi reacted to Mam's post in the thread CHuntley with Like Like.
    Yes, she said everyone was commenting on how much weight she’d lost as she was going to be launching Jane Plan on QVC soon.
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    csi replied to the thread Jill Franks - Glasses.
    I love Jill, no ipad stuck to her. I find her no hard sell like flint. I think from what I hear from her on TV. She has a big heart...
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    csi reacted to ERICS MUM's post in the thread Chloe’s new baby. with Like Like.

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