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    hi Joolz,
    Thanks for checking in. Not too good at the moment, but that's to be expected, so I'm just trying to get on with things and let my body and brain sort themselves out as best they can. I hope you're feeling much better than you were and, if not, send you lots of love and healing thoughts. that Liam can come and give me his big smackers himself (ooer matron...). Love, Yolanda xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi cupcake! I was really sorry to hear that you're struggling with ME/CFS. Someone I know also suffers from this condition so I know how debilitating it can be. I hope you'll start feeling a bit better soon and get some of your energy back.
    Yes, I had a baby girl in June, thanks! She keeps me busy, but at least I am on maternity leave now, and more able to keep up with the forum.
    Take care! Ele x
    Hi CC

    you are welcome Cupcake xxx Yes thank you we are both okay we keep plodding on with our extension.

    yes what a lovely thread it is that dear bexi started for me. I must say i wasmost surprised and shocked as I never really realised I was so popular and that people were kind enough to say such lovely things. Im just me really!

    Loving my Ijoyride still. I have to put a towel on the saddle though as if I dont i defo will get a sore bum again lol

    Take care CC love and hugs Dazzler! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    ps Have a good week

    and hope you feel a bit better too
    Hi cupcake!
    I have been away for a while, and was sorry to infer from one of the recent threads that you have been/are a bit unwell. I just wanted to give you my best wishes, I hope you'll be back to feeling well and energetic before too long.
    Take care,
    Ele xxx
    Hi there..I've just started a thread in the Drop pet section re: the newly arrived kitten. It's he not she so a name change was needed. Apart from that surprise everything is going well. He's a little poppet!
    Love Alice x x x
    Hi Cupcake,

    I am so glad Cupcake that you are feeling a bit better thats very good news. I hd been thinking about you and wondering how you been doing.
    You keep staying positive you are doing very well.

    im doing okay thanks and am loving the Ijoy ride in fact its my favourite piece of exercise equipment. hubby is still on the gym room. I cannot wait as I just wnat one large room that looks nice even if the rest of the house takes a long time to complete.

    im off out on Saturday with my friend so am looking forward to that.

    Lots of love to you Cupcake and feel free to pm or message me anytime you know xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    keep enjoying the cupcakes

    Lots of love Dazzler! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    HI Cupcake,

    Im just popping in to see how you are doing as have not spoken to you for ages. How are you? And whats happening with you, hope all is well and life is treating you kind. We are fine this end. Just waiting for the dinner to cook so just popped on here to see whats happening.

    Take care of yourself and hope to chat to you soon via pm or message xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi there...Suki my cat is getting a little friend in 3 weeks time. I'm not sure he'll be as happy as me about it though! She's a sweet black & white kitten from a nearby farm...such a popppet. Possibly not as photogenic as Suki but will send you a photo when she comes.
    Love Alice x x
    Hi Cupcake, Hope you feel better soon with the sinus trouble, no yoga now, you take care of yourself and relax. Lots of love Dazzler! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Have a good week Cupcake

    Speak Soon Love Dazzler! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Joolz,
    Thanks for your lovely kind comments on the thread about me and for your welcome back message on the thread I started yesterday.
    Saw this and thought of you:

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