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    Elemis Bargain

    That is a bargain and I do love the Papaya Enzyme Peel (didn't know they did it in 100ml size). I'd be tempted if I didn't have a 100ml of the PCMC in stock at the moment along with a load of cleansers and exfoliantors.
  2. Dame Fondacox

    Has Alison Young lost the plot?

    I'm genuinely surprised that all the big beauty brands haven't jumped onto this with their "special edition" supersizes in a "souvenir bottle" and their "Royal Standard Coffrets". Come to think, it was the perfect bandwagon for Diamoneek to jump on with their "Diamond Jubilee Commemorative...
  3. Dame Fondacox

    Dyson TSV 28/05/22

    I've heard a couple of good word of mouth reports about the Shark but no direct experience. Nevertheless, I'd be inclined to go for one next time. That said, my Dyson upright is 10 years old and still going strong. It's the cordless I don't rate.
  4. Dame Fondacox

    Dyson TSV 28/05/22

    I don't rate the Dyson cordless vacuums in the slightest. I'm sorry I didn't send the one I bought a few years ago back. At best, you get around 12 minutes of run time and they take ages to charge. Utter rubbish.
  5. Dame Fondacox

    Has Alison Young lost the plot?

    Which reminds me, I must stock up my "gifting cupboard" (forerly my "present drawer") with a stash of "just in case you happened to drop-by over the Jubilee celebrations" gifts for friends who may decide to visit on the off-chance. We haven't yet decided which home we're spending it at so I...
  6. Dame Fondacox

    10/05/22 One Time Only Prices

    And they're still trying to shift their tat from last year....
  7. Dame Fondacox

    09/05/22 One Time Only Prices

    Weren't these a OTO a few days ago? 🤔
  8. Dame Fondacox

    L'Occitane TSV 08/05/22

    I doubt I'd have been tempted by this regardless their having shown their true colours over Russia.
  9. Dame Fondacox

    QVC vs The Cost of Living Crisis

    I'm surprised they haven't closed their call centre and moved the operators to WFH to save money. A friend of mine is the director of a company in London and she's saved hundreds of thousands by giving up their leased premises in Baker Street and has moved everyone to working remotely. The...
  10. Dame Fondacox

    L’Occitane in Russia

    I'm surprised they haven't suggested buying several handcreams, to send some to Ukraine, "to sooth the effects of the dust from the debris". :rolleyes:
  11. Dame Fondacox

    QVC vs The Cost of Living Crisis

    With inflation being the highest it's been for decades and data showing that consumers are already cutting spend across food, eating out and clothing (with further cuts expected to emerge across electronics, holidays etc.) and people having to choose between eating or heating their homes, how...
  12. Dame Fondacox

    Keeley Elemis eyes!!! 😂

    Maybe she has a filter on her webcam but whatever she's done, it's hardly a good selling technique as it's so obvious - the BA for Perricone is the same. Surely they'd be better advocates for the products if they just looked incredibly good for their age, but their age nevertheless, whatever...
  13. Dame Fondacox

    Clinique TSV 1/05/22

    I really currently using the Gatineau hydrating moisturiser that was in a recent TSV and I really rate it. It dries quickly to a matt finish and my skin looks hydrated thorughout the day. I like the fragrance too, it reminds me a bit of the smell of the blue body exfoliator, which I really...
  14. Dame Fondacox

    Clinique TSV 1/05/22

    Well in that case, it certainly looks tempting. Although I've got so many overnight masks from various brands (it seems to be the latest addition to product ranges) that I barely use a night cream anymore.
  15. Dame Fondacox

    Clinique TSV 1/05/22

    I may have been slightly interested until I saw the price. No thank you!

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