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    Random musings and general banter.

    Merchant Banker, more like!
  2. Dave

    Random musings and general banter.

    May I say, those (ahem), alleged watch collectors could be a certain someone (could be me), being naughty by deliberately not checking out their baskets?
  3. Dave


    A little old lady went to buy cat food. She picked up three cans, but was told by the cashier: "I'm sorry, but we can't sell this to you without proof you have a cat. Too many seniors are buying cat food to eat. Management wants proof that you are buying this for your cat." So the lady went...
  4. Dave

    Toilet Roll Pack £79.99

    They can't block me! I don't do twatter!
  5. Dave

    Toilet Roll Pack £79.99

    Yes, Ideal World, the ultimate in bad taste!
  6. Dave

    Random musings and general banter.

    I tried spray and leave last year after seeing it on Ideal World. I was looking to get a difficult part of my conservatory roof free from the dreaded green algae. Well, I sprayed it and left it, then left it some more, and after waiting for almost a year, the correctly applied, and diluted spray...

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