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  • Been a while, hope you are keeping well.

    Alupha a.k.a. RainbowUnicorn a.k.a AC
    Hello Daz.... good to see you around. Not been here much myself lately... just pop in now and again!
    Hope you are well? Better wish you Merry Christmas while I remember!!
    hi ya Daz,
    lovely to see your name again didn't know you came on here !!!! Don't really do Gems anymore kept getting things that fell apart so put me off,
    but do have a look at the gems forum from time to time , you'd to look for Argeybargy , who always made me smile !!!!!

    Hope your keeping well? and we'll speak again xx
    Hi hun
    How long are Rocks offline,I thought it was just for Monday but they are not there today.By the way Merry Christmas .xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Angie (Carattop)
    Hi Daz!!!
    Happy to be your friend, hope you are keeping well!!
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