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  • Happy New Year sweetheart - sorry to be a bit late with it!!

    Look forward to seeing you soon xxx
    Hi Debsie,
    thanks so much for your comments on the thread about my situation. I really appreciate the good wishes and support. I hope you are okay. Lots of love, Yolanda xxxxxxxx
    Hello Debsie
    I just read about the situation with your mum and her meds. I hope your mum fully recovers very quickly, and with no lasting effects.
    I also hope that your complaint goes smoothly, unfortunately it can end up taking a lot of effort to complain about things and get resolution - I really hope ths isn't the case for you.
    & take care of yourself too
    Hi Debsie, Saw your thread yesterday but it was closed by then. Just wanted to say that I hope your mum gets better soon and that you are use those links someone posted to get to the bottom of the matter / make sure it doesn't happen again. Big hugs
    Cupcake x
    debsie first can i say i will be writing to you very soon , ok
    and secondly can i be your first message ,

    wow your back fab i thought you wasnt comeing back debs ahhh great you are and ime glad i wondered what happened to you , thank you so much for the lovely message , i will get back to you soon
    debsie you take care now and we will chat very soon , lots of love from karina
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