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  • Thanks hun
    was just back from hols so slept through it!
    hope you are well too!!
    Hello There,

    I'm fine, hope you are well too.

    We've had a devil of a time with our internet, it was going at a snails pace. Rob raised a ticket with the ISP they came up with some suggestions that involved him taking the front cover off the main telelphone line socket, it's still in the hall with the innards hanging out of it, LOL. Our speed, at one time, was 167 kb, over the last couple of weeks or more it's been down to 14 kb, something not right there!
    Someone at work was telling him about a gizmo he's put on his line and he said it's worked for him so Rob's ordered one, a Broadband Accelerator, anyones guess if it will make any difference. If it doesn't I don't know what will happen.

    Will look out for you on Messenger or Facebook.


    Jan x
    So good to hear from you, glad you're enjoying your Grannyhood. Nice to see you around but I appreciate you're very busy. Will we see Ted back again do you think?
    Aww hun, dont worry
    I dont remember that much of it myself :confused2:

    got loads of sparkles though!G
    Speak soon

    Aww hun, dont worry
    I dont remember that much of it myself :confused2:

    got loads of sparkles though!G
    Speak soon

    Hi Angie, Just popping by to say 'hi'. Been missing you on here, was just wondering the other day where you were, but thought you must be busy with enjoying being a Granny :).
    Hope you had a fab birthday. Looks like you got deservedly spoilt.

    And what a fab gesture of Graham to send an e-mail.
    Take care, love,

    Marion xxx
    hiya hun
    sorry not been in touch ... fudge likes the insides of the pc ... so much soo I need a new one ...
    had mailed you, hope you got it ok (like I say though, pc playing up, had to re-add email and everything ....)
    Awww you sound very proud Angie, good to hear things are going your way. What a lovely family you have. Haven't seen AN about for ages, is he ok?
    Dear Angie,

    Hope all is well with you?
    Here is something for you :)!

    Hello Ange,

    Yes, fine thanks, had JJ all day and they've stayed over last night, never really had a chance to get on the 'puter.
    Thanks for asking.

    How's you?

    JJ and family still here, think they are going home after tea and JJ is ready for bed.

    Hope to get into Rocks later.


    Jan. XXXX
    hi they thanks for a great welcome, gee i could spend all day on here lol i'll try not to
    see you around now i know how to get here, i should be able to do it again
    take care
    I'm with you Angie, hate fireworks, I'm becoming a right old misery these days! I prefer to hide out at the pub! :D
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