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    Hi Angie, sadly I know exactly where you are coming from. Can't tell you on here. I know how loving the bond with your daughter and your husband is and I hope that gives you comfort and the realisation that you are a lovely woman Angie! There is so much I could say, but I know you've been through it all in your head. Just don't blame yourself! Thinking of you. Lots of love and hugs. You can always PM me, if you want to talk
    Yoohoo Angie, hope all is well, haven't seen you for a while.
    Just thought I'd pop by and say 'hi' .

    Marion, xxx
    Hi Angie,

    So sorry to learn of your problems with your parents, it must be very upsetting for you. I never totally fell out with my Mum as such, but she was often very critical of me. My neck was too short, my hair too long, I always looked washed out, I shouldn't be working when I had children, the list of my faults was endless but at the same time one of my sister's could do no wrong! Gill did shopping for her and Gill took her to the hairdressers and the doctors and of course, Gill was perfect in every way! The fact that Gill lived a mile away from her and I was 40 miles away, worked full time and didn't have a car didn't enter into it! I often felt very unloved! I know Mum very much wanted and loved all 5 of us, but she had a strange way of showing it most of the time. All my adult life I lived in hope of her putting her arms around me and telling me she loved me but she never did and I don't think she did to any of my siblings either and when any of us tried to give her a hug you could feel her stiffening as if it was not the done thing. In spite of all that, I think I am the one that misses her the most now, maybe it's because of what might have been, I don't know.

    Whatever is up between you, your Mum shouldn't really take it out on Katy too and whilst Rob is right in what he says to a certain extent, it's not that easy and I know, like me, you could never do it. Parents, eh? Who'd have them!

    Chin up my lovely lady, like me you wonder what it is all about and I suspect we will never really know!

    Take care,

    Sue xxx
    H Angie,

    Just popped by to see if you are OK as we haven't seen much of you lately and I am concerned that you may not be well. I do hope you are all right.

    Sue xx

    hope you are ok, sent you a maillast week, hope you got it ok (had my newest family members pic on it)
    Hi Angie,
    Just stopping by to thank you for the kind words you posted on the thread about my situation. It's very much appreciated. I hope you are okay. Lots of love, Yolanda xxxxxxxxxx
    Thanks a mill for the birthday wishes,Angie.It was very kind & really appreciated.
    Love Margaret xxx
    Aw thanks for the invite Angie and your message, it quite made my day as Kevin has just left to spend a couple of days with his Mum in Needham Market and I was feeling a bit down. I could have gone with him but she only has one spare single bed and the bed settee, both are at least 25 years old, extremely uncomfortable and leave me totally crocked! I'm not too sad about not seeing her as she can never resist her little jibes about him being a toy boy and not having any grandchildren! If she knew he is my 4th husband she would have a field day!
    Take care, Sue xx
    Wow Angie, I've just seen the picture of you in your wedding dress. You look absolutely gorgeous. It all worked out well in the end, I doubt you could have looked any better in a bespoke dress. Stunning.
    Ooh just caught a glimpse of your bling before I'm logging off!
    It's fab! Well snatched! xxx
    Hi Sweets,
    Aw, I love that Hero song too, and the other one as well. In fact I have goose pimples now coz it's so sweet the thought of him singing that to you! Awwww, he sure sounds like an angel. The chances of my Hubby singing anything to me are zilch, but he makes up for it by being an angel and a bit of a devil too....lol, don't tell him I said that :D.

    No news here either, but lovely to hear from you! Just logging off (or trying to), this place is so addictive sometimes! LOL

    Take care, lots of love,

    hi Angie,
    many thanks for your kind birthday wishes, had a really lovely time being spoilt rotten by friends and family.Got a printer for my camera so will be able to print lots of photos of our future grandchild! my sons also got me a voucher for a day's spa treatments plus lunch so i'm really looking forward to that.
    Hope you're keeping well Angie.
    Carol x
    hi again,
    it's really exciting isn't it and gives us something to look forward to. Jen had her 20 week scan about a month ago but they didn't want to know the sex of the baby. I've been buying "neutral" stuff but would love to know whether I'm buying for a girl or boy! Still as long as it's healthy that's all that matters.
    Carol x
    Hi Angie,
    how are you keeping? when is your grandchild due? My eldest son & partner are expecting their first baby around Dec 21st so this Christmas will be even more special than usual.
    Carol xx
    Look forward to your Grandchild arriving safely in this world and let your Mother get on with her petty silliness. She will need you before you need her by the sounds of things
    Looking in then mirror and seeing your Mother looking back, so apt in my case too, although I hope I don't moan as she does. Seems her life consists of having a daily moan
    Hi Angie,

    Yes, that's right, he hasn't rejoined :(. I speak to him occasionally and he said he was too busy, but might rejoin at some stage. He seemed happy and ok though, but I do hope he'll come back sometime :).

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