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    Why do I even bother?????

    On the 26th of July I placed quite a reasonable order with TJC, it was items from their online auction that I had bid for and won. I had the usual confirmations and paid within the time allowed and had a confirmation of my total order etc. I sat back and waited,I did sort of think by today...
  2. diamondgirl

    The final price?

    Hi I spoke to my sister about 5 mins ago and she was so so upset, and to be honest so would I be if someone had taken about £4000 from my bank account for items I purchased when the final price was actually £395???? On contacting TJC she was informed that she had clicked on the item before...
  3. diamondgirl

    So frustrating!!!

    I know I may have moaned before on this subject but I find it so so so frustrating to have to pay for a phone call to TJC(0844 phone number) customer services when it is their mistake and not mine!!!!!. I went online to make a purchase: 1. It would not accept my card ( there was nothing wrong...
  4. diamondgirl

    0844 why do companies use these numbers.

    I recently had to contact TJC by phone and generally my landline calls are free as part of my contract with the phone company. If you have a query or a problem and have to phone TJC to sort it out you have to use a 0844 number which to me and many others is not free. I know that TJC offer a call...
  5. diamondgirl

    Getting back to auction room

    Does anyone know how you get back to the auction room after you have paid for your items in your basket.:mysmilie_81: There is nothing to click on and so basically you have to log back in. Am I missing something? I looked everywhere on the page but could not find anything to get me...
  6. diamondgirl

    And then there were none

    Saw a watch on the sky channel,took the number down and went into Rocks and placed it in my basket with the other items I have there.That was earlier today.Now its not there??? Live help told me I only had an hour to check it out.So no watch as they have sold out.:(
  7. diamondgirl

    Kevins back

    Hi everyone just to let you know Mr Valentine is back and am I glad. He is trying hard to sort problems and bring in improvements. I found under his control things ran quite well last time and that he really did try to help. I have not bought from TJC for ages but knowing he is back on the scene...
  8. diamondgirl


    I have not bought from TJC for sometime, I do watch now and again but have not really been tempted. I do notice that not so many messages and post are left on here as were a while back. One of my family purchased an Illiana ring of some considerable sum recently and a stone from it decided to...
  9. diamondgirl

    My family of hedgelets and hedgemums

    I have attached some piccys of my hedgelets and there mums and cousins.LOL and a few other items from rocks.
  10. diamondgirl

    Goodies arrived

    Today I had a delivery and the pics do not do them justice but posted them anyway.
  11. diamondgirl

    Wonderful Service

    I like to give credit where credit is due. I bought a watch at a ridiculously cheap price considering it was Silver with Pearls and Amethysts and white Topaz. I placed it in my jewellery box ( a Rockstv jewellery box) and I decided to wear it and remove the plastic thing that stops it wasting...
  12. diamondgirl

    My Anniversary Prezzie

    Hi hubby bought (he did'nt know he had LOL) me this beautiful diamond ring for our wedding anniversary. Its one and a half carats and I love it.I had to send the first one back as two of the stones were a lot darker than the rest,but as always Katherine quickly sorted the problem and replaced it...
  13. diamondgirl

    Bargain Haul

    Have attached two pictures of my delivery today 5 items all silver: Gents citrine ring.LC165 Silver Watch with white topaz,MW449. Peridot ring,NA691. Smokey Quartz earrings, RA007. Garnet earrings,RA316 Total including postage £49.95 a real bargain cos they are gorgeous.:ANYWORD:
  14. diamondgirl

    Jewellery Box

    Just to let anyone who is thinking of buying one of Rocks jewellery boxes that they are brilliant.Nicely thought out,with plently of ring space and space for earrings, pendants, bracelets etc. (I am not on commission)lol. I saw a similar one locally at several times the price and so when mine...
  15. diamondgirl

    Had beauty come today

    I hope there is a piccy attached of the beautiful bracelet I received today. The colours are lovely and its a truly lovely piece of Jewellery. I have had loads of items from rocks and have been thrilled with everyone. In fact bought many for prezzies for other people but am tempted to keep them...

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