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    HI DollyDimple

    Thank you for your Birthday wishes. Love Dazzler! xxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Elaine,I'm just catching up on the forum and am so sorry to hear about the bad time that you are having,it must be so stressful for you.Makes me realise how lucky I am to have OH do everything in the house.It takes him a while as he has to do things evenings and weekends,but he gets there eventually.Another perk is that I can say just how I want things done,and he has just removed some frosted glass that he put in the new conservatory.I didn't like it at all so he swapped it for clear.I'm sure that you will get your house to your liking and hope that it's sooner rather than later,then you can get off on your cruise.Marlene xx
    Hi Elaine,
    Thanks so much for your kind comments posted on the thread about my situation, it is very much appreciated. I hope you are okay. Lots of love, Yolanda xxxxxxxx
    dollydimple, sorry about your cancelled cruise.
    I thought I had sent you a pm earlier, asking you about the "my Countdown" feature, but when I returned to your profile to tell you I had found it myself, I couldn't see the message.....I told you I was technically challenged!! So sorry if all this is confusing because my first message did not come through to you!! Cheers, and I hope you can get a FAB holiday booked again soon!
    Aaawww Elaine,what a bummer.Some builders seem to be cowboys,but being married to one who is as honest as the day is long I can confirm that some are honest.I hope that you manage to get everything sorted out before too long,and at least you can look forward to a holiday next year.Love Marlene x
    Hi Elaine,I've just seen that your cruise is off,and I'm really sorry to hear that.We have had 2 holidays cancelled over the past 12 months,one when Travelscope went under, and another on Fred Olsen's Black Watch when it damaged it's propeller going through the Corinth Canal.We are off on a cruise this coming Saurday so are excited about that.I hope you have managed to get everything sorted after your fire.Love Marlene xx
    Aw, thanks Dolly, lovely to have you as a friend! :)

    no apologies needed Marlene. Did you manage to have some chill out time, even though it was work?
    Apologies for being so late in wishing you a happy birthday,I was in Scarborough all week with work.Love Marlene xx
    Hi Dolly, you're welcome, I hope you've been spoilt silly :).

    (I don't like the word 'rotten'

    Take care,
    Marion, xxx
    Thank you DollyDimple, I am honoured to be your friend. Take Care Lots Of Love Dazzler! xxxxxxx
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