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  • Hi Dougie

    Many thanks for your Christmas and New Year wishes. It goes without saying that both Colin and I wish the very best for you, Dee and the girls. Hope 2010 brings you all good health and much happiness.

    Chris xxx
    Hi Dougie,
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.
    Lots of love, Yolanda xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Hope you have been enjoying your birthday Dougie,. Enjoy the rest of the evening Love Dazzler! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Dougie

    Just popping by to wish you a very Happy Birthday. Hope you have a good one and get spoilt rotten by all those lovely women in your life!! Colin sends his best wishes too.

    Chris xxx
    Hi Dougie,
    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year.
    Lots of love, Yolanda xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Dougie

    Hearing you loud and clear thanks! Hope the internet is all O.K. for you now, damn computers. Fine until they decide to have a dicky fit.....!!

    We're both O.K. thanks, how about you now? Colin is like a kid in a sweety shop today because he collected the Jeep back with the roll-cage all in place - it now needs painting, a job which he absolutely detests! Perhaps he plans on greeting our son with a paint-brush in his hand if he calls round over the weekend!

    Hope Dee and the girls are all fine and getting excited about Christmas now. She's one special friend I can tell you. I owe her an email so perhaps you could tell her I'll be in touch very soon.

    Big thanks for your wishes and I hope you all have the most wonderful first Christmas in your new home together.

    Chris xxxxx
    Hi Dougie,

    Hope you and Dee are both doing OK and are ready for Christmas with your family. We are popping back down to Brighton for 4 days over the holiday to see my boys and grandchildren. We're travelling by train so that we can have a few bevvies the night before we come home!

    I'm trundling along reasonably well atm, thank you, but finding it hard to keep warm with my limited mobility and trying to avoid putting the heating on for too long, cos I'm terrified of running up a massive gas bill!

    Take care,

    Love to both of you

    Sue xx
    Hi Dougie

    Just popped by as I haven't been here for's things with you and the ladies in your life? Did Dee produce a delicious Lemon Pudding this weekend - if not, why not?!!

    Colin and I have been recovering from colds over the past few weeks but, of course, HIS was far worse than mine....goodness, I almost choked on my spritzer there and I'm sure my nose has grown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not much has happened with the Jeep of late, well it doesn't appear so to me but he has been spending quite a bit of time in the garage. The TV is still on the lounge floor so it is possible it won't have made the wall for Christmas! Am I bothered? You bet I am!

    Dee tells me that you are settling into your new home and that you have lovely neighbours. Bet it won't be long before you have lots of wildlife visiting so maybe more piccies will be appearing in the future.....hope so.

    Hope you're behaving yourself.....if not, you can come and join Colin in the workshop, although that wouldn't be real punishment!

    Chris xxx
    Hi Dougie,

    All's well thanks! Great to see you both back with us. Hope you are both settled in now and enjoying life.

    Sue XX
    Hi Dougie, Hopefully it'll all be worthwhile when the last of the boxes is sorted. what was that Dee was saying, she wants to move again...ooer....
    Take care. Love, Yolanda xxxxx
    Hi Dougie, I've been having a few ups and downs but am more or less okay at the mo.
    Hope that you and Dee are okay and that the move has been worth all the hassle and you are settling in well.
    Love, Yolanda xxxx
    It's O.K., we've got some spare duvets. Besides, I rather fancy the big bed to myself just occasionally because he snores too much but if he's really cold he could climb in the Jeep.............!!
    Hi Dougie

    I just knew you'd love my comment to Dee......I now send out a search party about 20 minutes before meal-times and, to date, it's worked - he's appeared! I really don't think it will last much longer though!! Personally, I think he would do well to have a single bed in the workshop, what do you think?

    Chris xxx
    Yay Dougie! Can't believe AOHell still mucking you about after all their promises!
    Fingers crossed for 26th then! Infact I'd cross everything after their performance so far!

    Sue XX
    Hi Dougie

    Just a quickie to say that we hope everything goes smoothly with the move - starting tomorrow aren't you? Just stay calm, cool and collected and everything will be fine.
    !! Hope Dee and the girls are O.K. and that you're all feeling very excited now.

    Chris xxxx
    Let's hope Interpol don't find you both this time....Fingers crossed! x
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