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  • Hows you???
    I have not been to good,lost my voice for over a week and then I had a rotten cold.Still don't feel 100% at the moment. Had Olivias Christening last sunday, was a bit of a clamity. We were all sat in the church and there was no heat on,then Jackie phoned the vicarage to find that the service had been changed to another church.Shame they did not tell Jackie.lol
    We all trouped back to the cars and to the next village,that church was not much warmer. Then Jackie and Steve had laid on a buffet at their local village hall which was very nice. The weather here is awful,ice,snow, and freezing fog, is it as bad there???
    Loads of birthdays this month Jackie ,Steve, my Davy,Les ,katys fella Robs brother and brother in law so it will be an expensive month.
    I spoke to Kevin online today,he was ok cheeky as always.Anyway hope you and Hubby and Fudge are well.
    Keep in touch.
    Hi Hun
    Sorry I have not been in touch lately, what with the new kitchen and the mess and decorating and being ruthless with chucking things out and the normal everyday dramas of life I have not really had a moment.Now its the Xmas thing,buying presents and food and where and who do we let feed us on the 25th LOL. Think my daughter will have that honour.
    Hows things with you????? hope you are all ok ,kisses to Fudge. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxangie
    Oh dear I missed your birthday hun.Hope you had a special day and lots of lovely things.
    Angie xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Happy Birthday Faerie. Hope you have a lovely day xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Hun spoke to Kev on MSN last night and told him to look at his emails,said he could see yours .Hope he sorts things out for you.xxxxx
    Hi hun

    Hope you are ok,spoke to Kevin today on the internet. Hows Fudge???? keep in touch xxx Angie
    Hi Hun
    Did reply was a little late doing it though, hope you received it. Hows your new friend doing???. Let me know if you did'nt get my email.
    Hugs xxxxxxxxAngie
    Sorry it's late, hope you've had a Happy Birthday! :)
    Hi hun hows you.
    Have been a naughty girl and spent lots of pennies buying from Rockstv.Got a beautiful bracelet arrive today.Have you bought anything nice lately.xxxxAngie
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