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    Kim & Co TSV Charity shop specials

    Hideous hideous hideous. All of them. Most likely to be found in the 50p bargain bucket in a charity shop near you Sent from my iPhone 5 using Tapatalk
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    Last Minute Easy Pay Code

    I didn't get the recent Easy Pay code but just got an email from QVC with a last-minute easy pay code, LASMIN, which has to be used by the 20th December. Either sales are down (a distinct possibility as the TSV's haven't sold out lately), or I've not bought anything (certainly not in December...
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    What's with the Green Season's garnishings?

    What a bizarre way of displaying the meat - with a horizontally sliced bulb if garlic, a few cranberries (are they plastic?) and a bit o' parsley? It doesn't add anything at all and it definitely doesn't inspire me to "jump to the phone". Sent from my iPhone 5 using Tapatalk
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    New seals on Yankee Candle jars

    My Yankee Candle Xmas Surprise or OTO (can't remember) arrived this morning - on a side note it arrived quickly given I ordered it on Sunday night The candles were extremely well packed...
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    Mother of God what is Alison Young wearing?

    AY is wearing a horrendous lavender monstrosity with matching jacket, paired up with dark brown tights or boots. It's car crash fashion! Sent from my iPhone 5 using Tapatalk
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    3 Easy Pay Code today

    Just had an easy pay code in an email from QVC today. It's GIFTOB. It has to be used tray. There is absolutely nothing I want to buy from QVC. This is going to the 2nd time I've had a code and not used it. Apart from a boycott because of the disgusting way QVC have treated Graham, but almost...
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    Luminara is the new Wintertrax

    Gawd, every time I flick over to QVC these ruddy flameless candles are on. Its getting as bad as Wintertrax last year. And £29+ £3.95 p+p for ONE candle is ridiculous. Where is Wintertrax out of interest?
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    Detailed analysis of my QVC spending

    I asked QVC recently for a print out so I could get a better grip on my easy pays (last 2 this month). The print out duly arrive and itemises my spending since the 8th Feb this year. Out of curiousity I decided to tot up how much I had bought, returned and even cancelled (particularly waitlist...
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    Busy crocheting a scarf and watching Q for background nose. I used to like a bit of 'eeekin my time, but is it me or do the current offerings look rather tacky? The prices, especially for silver 'eek, have really gone up. It seems the average ring price is £40. Back in the days, I remember...
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    Martha Stewart coming to QVC

    I've actually just seen a banner advert on ST about Martha Stewart herself coming to QVC UK in October. I'm surprised. I thought UK Plc didn't let visitors into the country who have previous convictions. If my memory serves me right, the lovely Martha did time inside for a bit of insider trader...
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    OMG its NOT polyester!

    Whilst I was on my usual jaunt around my local car boot sale I came across this:^139781,navlist^139781*154481*153177*100057*,cm_scid^dtlr Rather liking it, but fearing it was 100% polyester (it has a bit of a sheen to it), I...
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    Have code but seen nothing to spend it on!

    I still haven't used my GETGOR code, which is valid until tomorrow. I honestly can't find anything on the QVC website that interests me enough to use the code. I was vaguely tempted by some EMU slippers but they didn't have my size available, so that option was knocked on the head. I'm not...
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    Kelly Hoppen Hot Pick|metadrill,html?cm_re=Panel-_-8-_-833408 I just ordered this - the price seems quite good despite the silly p&p. I have lovely new white bedding but one of my furry beasties is long haired and...
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    New A/W Yankee fragrances

    Just to say I had a whiff of the latest Autumn Winter Yankee Candle fragrances in my local garden centre. They had the following new scents: 1. Blissful Autumn - smells like spiced pear crossed with cookies/biscuits - rather nice actually, not too overpowering and I bought 2 wax tarts in this...
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    Autodelivery vs Subscribe & Save

    I just ordered some Senseo pods from Amazon and signed up to their new Subscribe & Save program. Basically its delivery every month (at my choosing, you can choose any period) and I pay 10% less for my orders than the usual price for a one-off purchase. QVC might need to think about upping their...

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