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  • Hi again Annie, s'truth.....now they send you a COA, unbelievable! Its just a couple of rings, one I saw two weeks back, half of the presentation, but wasn't logged on. Have seen it on the website for £silly and decided to ring up to see if a deal could be done....a la fluffy. :happy: He quoted me the latest auction price but I could better it and he 'caved'....haha. Job done. Code is YJFJ53, best to see it in video mode. The other is a Tanzy step cut, which you don't see too often, WGVJ62, not sure if its on the website or not? No EEs for me as I'm not a chocolate eater but bought plenty for the family instead. Bet the woofers wouldn't mind some choccy, but a big NO NO for them! xxxx
    Just wanted to wish you a Happy Easter, haven't seen you about recently and hope all is well. P is currently feeling poorly with a very bad throat etc, a bit sorry for himself! May have a couple of confessions later this week....:tongue:
    Yes he rang late am, saying they had cleaned the pendant but of course it could tarnish again. It's being returned to their suppliers to find if there was a fault during manufacture. The only one affected of course and a refund was being issued to me, inc p&p. Think he was surprised by how bad it was.
    P xxx
    Crackers indeedy. I think the delay is due to this one guy being off work, for whatever reason. Why S or someone else can't collect the packages, I don't know. No confessions, just browsing as I had an email from Ebay about items from my 'favourite sellers' closing soon. I did see a few smaller size YG gemstone rings for sale, but no idea of the real condition of these pieces. The seller is winsorantiques, who has a huge selection for sale. Never bought from them though.....xxx
    Hiya. Rang up Gems earlier to see what was up. Got put through to Sabeel who as yet hasn't seen the pendant. Apparently it's locked in the returns place and the guy who brings them over to Sabeel is away till tomorrow. Barmy! I'm promised a call tomorrow when he seen it...and all the others marked for his attention.
    They say "patience is a virtue". So I'll wait patiently for the :phone:. Lol
    Yep, though I was looking at some vintage jewellery on Ebay auction yesterday! :tongue:
    Also showed P my other new purchase...you know which....and he really liked it. Didn't ask how much....phew!
    Thanks for that. I've lost the darned email they sent me but I know it arrived last Tuesday am. Doh! I will ring tomorrow to get an update, I should also get my postage costs back....like yourself. Also had to return a faulty jewellery chain to QVC last week and have heard nowt from neither. Another phonecall needed I expect!
    Take care xxx
    Hi, I haven't heard any more from Gems re my refund, just wondering if you have any news of yours. Needless to say, I never did get a call back. Ho hum...
    P xxx
    No I haven't heard from S, got an email on Tuesday saying they had received my package and refunds currently taking a good few days. Sounds like he's still poorly then? Shame about them losing your COA , are you regretful of sending the ring back? Xxx
    Thanks for the good wishes, I'll pass them on to his nibs. What a tinker Freddie is, running off like that and then hoping for a free lunch! Probably find himself on an extending lead tomorrow?
    Poor Sabeel, hope he feels better soon, sounds like he won't be in tomorrow. No bother, I can track the package and so long as it arrives safely, that'll be okay.
    Take care xxx
    Hiya, well the deed's been done and the pendant is winging its way back to GemsTowers. Will await Sabeel's call with interest, though if he rings later in the day, we shall be out at C's. (P's special b'day tomorrow).....wink:

    Thanks by the way for your acknowledgement of my very lengthy post earlier, nice to know that at least one person has taken the time to read/skim over it. Hope the woofers are enjoying the lovely sunshine, albeit a bit nippier today.
    Hi again and thanks for last nights very helpful and sympathetic reply. Have emailed Sabeel today and had a call from him. Have sent you an email with all the gory details and pics. xxx
    Hi Annie.just a quickie to ask you if you've ever had any YG items from GemsTV tarnish badly? I was just looking at my new and unworn Lehrer TorusRing pendant and the goldwork has all turned a dark bronze! In just 2 weeks since I last had it out of its box.

    I've taken some pics and sent them off to CS, got an automated reply. Phoned them up and the CS lady just kept repeating "this can happen" to gold. Not to me before, even pieces bought 6 years ago are the original colour. I'm shocked at the colour its become....yuck. It will be returned asap but I wonder if this matter should go to the 'top' so to speak.

    Appreciate your thoughts when you have a mo.
    P xxxx
    Yeah, sorry about that. Piccie was upside down on my net book too, but loaded right way up on the IPad, which is where I forwarded it from! Oops!
    P xxxx
    Hiya, have sent you an email, first attempt seem to fail so tried your other email addy. Hope it worked okay.
    P xxxx
    Oooooh lovely, just working my way through it. C and fam still on hols, fly back tonight....just had a text from her and an email.
    P xxxx
    Hi again Annie

    Where are my manners? I omitted to thank you for your lovely comments on my latest acquisition, I just enjoy taking it out of the box and watch the diamonds sparkle. Haven't confessed to youknowwho yet......:eek: I was browsing their website when the lovely Matt was doing the unusually late stint and saw there is now one back on the site. Somebody must've returned one, as I'd previously rung up CS to ask if they were all sold! And they were....then!
    Oh good, does that mean you bought when Matt aired it then? I was so busy looking up your email to check the code and then seeing if you were online here that I missed if it finally sold. I couldn't see it on the leftover auctions, but then they don't always put the best pieces on there. Did he give you a shout out? I've had a few from him in the past after a successful bid. :heart: Anyway, well done, was it a good outlet price it went for? P xxxx
    I can see you're not online at the moment, but a heads up that Matt has been selling the Cupio ring at 4.45pm approx. There was only one a size N/O that went down to £479. I'm not sure if it sold or not. It did look very nice, so don'tknow if its worth a call to CS. Pity it wasn't a J/K

    Many thanks for the email earlier, had a call from C a short while ago, they had arrived safely and the temp is 21degs.
    P xxxx
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