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  • I'll send you a pm later to let you know how I've been REALLY naughty. :giggle: xxx
    Hiya Annie, can see you're back, did you have a lovely time, hope so.
    P xxx
    Hiya again Annie, fingers crossed that your plans won't be affected, trying to avoid the weather forecast meself, its a bit :sad::sad: at the mo! Any chance of a link or piccy then, or are you still waiting for a delivery? Not watching Gems too much as I find too many of the female presenters old and new so irritating and the constantly zoomed in camera work also.

    Decided after some deliberation to hang on to the Lehrer pendant, it does have an internal glow and the diamonds set if off nicely. Just something a bit different. I wonder if they will do some earrings before long? I do seem to be more into pendants and earrings atm! :tongue:
    P xxxx
    Hiya Annie, memory like a sieve, have you been away yet or still waiting to go? LOL
    Hope all is well and the furries enjoying the brisk weather at the seaside.
    Take care
    P xxxx
    Yer what.....little Tinker...moi? Never......... You're one up on me on the Indicolite, I still have to find my 'prince' on that one. The blue colour change Garnet sounds interesting, they always said ( I think) there was no blue Garnet! Would be grateful if you give me a heads up when it appears and I'll do likewise. After these sub zero temps outside a bit of warm sun will be rather pleasant for you. C and her family are off to Lanzarote in Feb for a bit of sunshine before she returns to work in the Spring. Lauren had her 6th birthday yesterday so all the ageing rellies met up at a restaurant for Sunday lunch, very nice. L loves it when we all get together. Hugs for the woofers, speak soon. P xxxx
    Hiya Annie, haven't seen you about recently, hope all is well. Have to confess to a little purchase on Gems this week, details are in the Glenn Lehrer thread and some pics as well.....if you're interested. Lol
    Love P xxxx
    Hi Ann

    Long time since we last spoke! Hope you are well and of course Freddie and Flossie. How are those cuties?

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and found something nice and sparkly in your stocking! After a couple of years of not buying anything from the shopping channels, I surprised myself and bought a couple of things from GemsTV in the last couple of weeks. I haven't been totally on the bandwagon though:wink: and have amassed quite a few loose gemstones, some of which I've had made into jewellery! I hope you're still enjoying collecting new pieces!

    Hope life is treating you well and I wish you all the best for the New Year.

    Thanks Fluff! What a cute pic, have a great christmas with Flossie Minx and Freddie xxxx

    Hey Annie,

    Lovely to hear from you and many thanks for making a special guest appearance to wish me a happy birthday. xx
    I post very infrequently and have only started the odd (some would say very odd in my case) post very recently. Hope you are well? It's been pandemonium here recently with one thing and another and the teenagers keeping me on my toes too! I spoke to OMF this week and know that you and she are also in touch regularly.
    Once again thanks for your kind birthday wishes. Lots of love, Fi xxx
    Hi Annie, many thanks for your email earlier, hope poor little Flossie is feeling a bit better now. The contents of your basket look lovely, think I saw it being sold, a very elegant classic design I thought. There was a mention in one of the summer Scoop mags that Indicolite was on the way, so its taken a long time to come to screen. Many were one-offs weren't they and did sell very well.

    Have to confess the pics I enclosed were straight from QVC website, I save their pics to my hard drive, to have a visual record.

    Weather is foul here also, high winds and rain....yuck!

    Thanks again, hope you're all keeping snug and warm, getting fed up with this weather from hell already!

    P xxxx
    Hi Annie, good to hear from you and that OMF was in good form, my love and best wishes to her also.
    Not been on the pooter much at the moment as we have my Mum staying with us for a couple of weeks.

    No purchases recently, not watching Gems much either! Hope you are all well and the woofers.
    Been over to see the grankids today, the baba is getting quite big at 6 months old and very bonny, he has a lovely nature.
    Take care
    P xxxx

    With love and best wishes on your birthday Annie.
    Hope you are all well and you have a wonderful day.

    Love P xxxxx
    Hi, just logged on and got your message. Had a netbook problem which I can't seem to fix and so have left the pooter alone for past day or so. But thanks for asking.

    I returned one item from my delivery, it was a multi stone Tourmaline silver ring which didn't suit and was too big. The other items were one of those pendant stands they use to display on screen, handy for putting my homemade bits and pieces on. A mixture of red, black and white beads from Jewellery MAker, have no idea what gemstones they are, but quite chunky and different shapes. Lastly was a Red Diamond bracelet in yellow gold overlay on silver...brought the price down somewhat! Its a full carat of tiny stones set in little circles along the length of the bracelet, quite a dainty little piece but the link doesn't work anymore as I think they sold them all. But I've already worn it, so its a keeper. :clapping:

    Hope all is well with you, not long to go now. :wink::sun:
    Apologies for delay, busy yesterday and bit off colour today. Got a small delivery from Gems inc some beads from Jewellery Maker but not had a proper look at them yet. Hopefully tomorrow.
    Night night xxx
    Yep received, many thanks. Lovely pics of F&F also. Watching 'Murder at the Vicarage' at the moment, so reply tomorrow if you don't mind? Your ring looks very sweet, such a dainty design, glad its a keeper. Confession time for me tomorrow! Arrrrgh!
    Hi Annie, just spotted that you are online, hope all is well with you and the furries. Been away for a few days celebrating you-know-what and now back home appreciating (not) the lovely very wet and cool weather!
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