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  • yep I'm over the shock sweetie - thanks for asking. None of the folks I've asked can make the trip, which is disappointing for them and for me. I've now spoken to Graham and he's going to offer the room I would have had up to the forum as I'm now going into a single room. I understand he's going to be there on Sunday as well so it will be great to finally meet The Man! Am dead excited now and must attend to some errands as I won't be around at all over the weekend.

    Sod's Law that I finally win a competition and can't give a mate a treat - and I certainly wasn't going to take Mizgit lol!
    Hi Fluff
    Many thanks for the birthday greeting, not quite sure how to plan the day as we have to collect DD and her family from the airport later....not nice weather to be greeted with! Probably a nice meal out later and a drink or two (some nice red wine)

    Sacha xx
    Fluff it looks like a Mayan or Aztec woman giving birth and screaming her head off. Well, to me it looks like that.....:D
    Hiya Fluff
    You're being very good staying on that wagon. Wow, if the colour of that PT is as nice irl as the photo, it'd be hard to send back. Still, if you know it's going to be too big for you then you're doing the right thing.
    I didn't like to post my ring on the Gems forum as I didn't buy it from them, but here's a photo of it in my Photobucket account: http://s157.photobucket.com/albums/t67/Oops-a-daisy/?action=view&current=TanzyringSue1.jpg

    I really need to exercise some restraint now! Back on the wagon for me!
    Margot xx
    Hiya Fluff, Thanks for adding me to friends again! Hope your well and keeping "blinged out"! L x
    Hiya Fluff. Thanks for the friend's request. I look forward to chatting with you. So have you been buying any gems lately? Not me, no siree! lol
    P.S. I'm just cracking up at that 'Yo fluffer' picture that Lyn has just posted on your page. What is she like? lol
    Margot xx
    So Fluff, now we know what you do in the daytime! Trust Lyn to suss you out. [img] I will never be able to look at Fluffy bunnies again. [img]

    ps. Any jobs going? I'm a dab hand...[img]
    Sounds like you had a great time, my nephew lives just outside Dublin. We went there a few years ago for his wedding...great place!! Been meaning to go back..ah well one day. I suppose you have got a lovely tan..don't stand too close to me on the forum as I've not seen the sun this year and am really quite startling white!!
    Hi Fluff

    Sounds like you've had an interesting time recently and that you had a great holiday in Greece. Our cruise was very good, the main thing being pretty good weather and the seas being quite calm, especially across the Bay of Biscay. We were subjected to a port strike at two French destinations so missed out on one port of call completely and had just half a day at another....out of a total of five!

    The forum has had major problems recently with members unable to log on or getting logged off suddenly. I think they foresaw that it was a Hard Drive failure looming. S xx
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