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  • Thanks for your message Annie, been a bit chilly here today too, yesterday was rather warmer....look out for the BIG moon tonight.

    Just googled your hotel, looks fab and also found it in the brochure that we have used in the past...and they only use extra nice hotels. Well done on a great choice, it has great reviews on Trip Advisor!


    Just watching News24 atm, its all go and waiting for you-know-who to return from the rugby club!!
    Oh, how lovely. I'll look forward to receiving that. xxxxxxxxx

    Aw, poor Flossiekins. I know how she feels, the poor toots. Still, it's good that she's more her usual Flossie self this morning.

    As to the lack of sleep, eee, it's a beggar and no mistake. Last time I had any level of dozing was when I had anaesthesia on the 2nd. Crikey, good job I'm 'ard! Would really love to be able to sleep at the mo, though, (ooo, a rhyme!) cos it would give me a break from the pain which, quite frankly, is getting rather dreary now.

    I'm so glad to hear that your knee's improving and hope it continues to strengthen. Don't go back to the clog dancing just yet - best to give things time to settle, eh?

    Lots of love, Yo. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Annie,
    Just to say thank you for the gorgeous piccies of my wee babas. What a toots young Flossiekins is, awww. And as for Mr Freddie4P and his new hairdo, well, what a handsome boy. Definitely looks Schnauzer-like now, doesn't he? Must say I love him when he's in non-Schnauzer mode, too. So cute! Crikey, if you get Flossie done, she might look nothing like the little nippynoops she is now. She'll be all proper and posh and perkily pedigree. I've printed off some of the piccies you've sent me over the last year or so and put them in frames, so I can see my wee toots whenever I want.

    How's your knee these days? Any improvement, or is it still as bad as it was before? Might be a case for a steroid jab if it contiues apace.

    Lots of love, Yo. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi again Annie, have been off line all night, so apologies for delay in replying. Was it a ring you got last night? Mine is a very deep colour purple with flashes of other colours in bright light, rather than the pink colouration we saw last night. I think it may be Jantac's ring you are thinking of, changing colour in her avatar.

    I heard y'day that Adina had had a little boy, I bet her twin girls are thrilled to bits - Vicki had a little boy also. C has sent another message to Chiaki, asking how things are with her family, just hoping they are all well away from the nuclear fallout zone....dreadful isn't it?

    Glad to hear Paula enjoyed her stint yesterday, she was looking very good as usual. xxxx
    And were you tempted? Lol. I was intrigued to see natural Sapphires but resisted temptation. After all I do have the very pretty CG Sapphire I bought off your good self.

    I was browsing later on in the evening and saw Paula on the repeat show with Lynn, though Paula didn't seem to get many words in, L J seemed to do all the talking!! Look forward to hearing about the other goodies in your basket.
    Hiya, don't know if it's of any interest to you, just switched on GTV and heard a mention that SB will be on 7pm with a new range of natural colour change Sapphires.
    :hi: C'est moi encore! An update on our Japanese friends - Catherine posted on Facebook and then soon got an email from Chiaki, her homestay pal who now lives in Tokyo. She and her hubby are fine although it took her 5 hours to get home on Friday. The family, parents, sister and her family and brother are okay but live north east of Tokyo, in what used to be called Haramachi, but now part of Minamisoma. I'm still a bit worried as this area is fairly near the coast where the Fukushima nuclear power stations are. Hopefully C will get more info from Chiaki as time goes on.

    Well done on your post, very nicely put and very good to see a balanced argument for a change! :clapping: I think you can come out from the behind the sofa now. :tongue:
    Hi again Annie, just mentioned it on the off chance but then realised you would likely be having dinner. Not quite sure what's happening tomorrow as its Hubs birthday and whether he's golfing or not! I think C & family are coming over at some point.

    Just been watching more coverage of the earthquake etc in Japan and also re the nuclear leakage. We have Japanese friends who live in the Fukushima prefecture, but inland a bit and also C's schooldays homestay penpal who lives now in Tokyo. Fingers crossed they are all okay.
    Hope you had a pleasant evening out. xxx
    oh yes, of course in size 5....hadn't noticed the various sizes! Doh! It was a very nice colour and an emerald cut also, one shape I'd love to have in a good quality Tanzy. Though I do confess to having a Diamonique one that resembles a AAAA Tanzy with a halo of flawless diamonds! A real cheapie too.
    Oh yes, though I did wonder about the gold weight and how it may affect re-sizing?
    Ann, he looks a proper Gent now, a handsome young man if ever there was! They'll look absolutely charming together when Flossie is fully grown and more Schnauzer like, real salt and pepper! Oh BTW, that's not one of mine in my avatar, I'm afraid they would have had a tasty snack if I'd tried to set that up, more through ignorance than aggression I hasten to add!
    Hi again Annie, well what a smart little chappie Freddie looks, very handsome indeed. Many thanks for sending us that. No doubting his breed now eh! Another one for the album if I can save it like the others.

    Looks like the sh*t may have hit the fan if you read the last post in the Scott thread and frankly I'm not surprised...one or two posts bordering on the slanderous....or is that libellous...imvho. xxxx
    Yep I just had a look as well and saw just 2 Gemfields stones and both much too big. What time's the show tonight? I like looking even if I'm not buying! Lol
    That's very nice of Barry for providing individual and personal service for you. Just a thought, are they selling loose stones from this current crop of ZE's? Perhaps there might be one in 7x5mm that you could have set to your taste? xxxx
    Expect you've already thought of that though! :blush:
    Hi Annie, any update on the Zambian Emerald search?
    Thanks for the pm the other day also. xxxx
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