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  • Hi again Annie, just got your message and so popped over to 'yours' to have a look. The ring in the link is lovely and has a good gold weight as well, one or two on the website don't unfortunately. Hope your chappie finds something nice for you tomorrow.

    I had a very pretty and dainty Veronese chain bracelet delivered today, SS bonded in 18ct ROSE gold....a lovely soft colour. Yummm!

    C is doing well and is getting very big now, just a month or less to go now, she finishes work on Friday. Thanks for asking...:smile:

    No recent news of Puss, wondering how she is?
    :hi: Thanks Pammy, after you mentioned Gemfields in your last message I looked them up and came up with the same info.

    I emailed 'my friend' in CS :wink: and he offered me this one at a very good price:

    Sadly, at 7x8mm it's too big so I had to turn it down .... looks lovely doesn't it? But he did say he would look out for something smaller when he's back in the office tomorrow.

    Is C keeping well? xxx
    :hi: Thanks for the info on last night's auction as I missed that, but at least it finished up more than I paid! :happy: Glad you managed to see the bracelet for yourself though. I've seen Steve B introducing the first lot of Zambian Emeralds and they did look good, very strong colours and nice diamonds and also.... expensive. But at least they are only treated with Johnson's baby oil and he also knows the source very well....a British co. called Gemfields. Hope you find one that hits the spot.....so to speak! :grin: xxxx
    Yep, it arrived safely. Very dainty and sparkly, but colours a little more muted than seen on TV, but still good grading from one shade to the next. The colours go from pink-purple-blue-green-yellow. Showed it to Catherine this afternoon and she liked it very much. Needs a good light/sunlight to bring out the best of the stones. Also popped in the basket a triple row peach pearl bracelet with large silver clasp for £9.99.....bargain! :sun:
    Awww.....she's lovely, such a happy looking little girl. Did you say the magic word 'Lollipop'...always worked for my two when they were little?
    Thank you Annie
    Just got your message Annie after replying to Nessie's pm about OMF. Fingers crossed that the anti-inflamms will work. I did think that torn ligaments should heal themselves, but yours seem to be taking their own sweet time about it.

    I shan't be seeing my Osteo for another 2 weeks as I could've asked her about it. She's very knowledgable about all things muscular-skeletal and was a physio formerly and also lectures at Leeds University part-time.

    Glad you liked the picture of Mrs Saddlebags!
    Hi, the one and only Zultanite ring I have is quite honestly a rather pale affair with little colour change. So I'm no expert but would imagine that the more colour change you see the better the Zultanite......whether is deeper in colour or not? I recall Ooopsie saying a long time ago that her Zultanite had lovely pinks and champagne tonesand she's a lady who knows her gems.

    As regards Demented Garnet, I understand the Namibian to be the best and a couple of years ago saw some fantastic examples on Gems with larger stones set into rings. They really flashed fire just like green diamonds...only better. But they weren't cheap and my little DG bought years ago with small stones is not a patch on their later offerings...which were also exceptionally clear!!

    I tried to add a comment on Lynn, but the message got too long and so have edited it! But agree with your comments. xxxx
    No I haven't Ann but I shall try her tomorrow evening when Thing should be out. I'll let you know if I get lucky. Hope you're ok. xx
    Hiya Annie, if you are confuddled then so am I....:happy:. I looked up diaspore in Wikipedia and although it is mined in different places besides Turkey, Zultanite is the gem quality version of it.


    So am not sure why the two names are used in the ring descriptions, but they do get things wrong...eg yesterday an Ammolite ring came up on screen completely different in picture to its details....and the presenter never knew!

    Anyway, what you are doing looking at WHITE gold rings ...............:wink::wink:?

    I've ordered my Sapphire bracelet and hopefully receive it on Thursday.
    Take care xxxxx
    Aha, wee Archie is the reet petite geegee? Very cuddlesome!
    No, not got any pics and the links aren't too great either. But the bracelet was a lot more vivid in colour than the rubbish pic, so fingers crossed that it will be thus in real life.
    You got a PM from Nessie yesterday?
    Aha, wee Archie is the reet petite geegee? Very cuddlesome!
    No, not got any pics and the links aren't too great either. But the bracelet was a lot more vivd in colour than the rubbish pic, so fingers crossed that it will be thus in real life.
    You got a PM from Nessie yesterday?
    Well, then I have a question for you...who's wee Archie????

    The last order was all keepers....one multi-gem silver ring...£17.99, one largeish Moonstone/black Spinel silver pendant with chain....£12.99 and from the old Gems and found on the website...a yellow Diamond YG pendant that came with a chain...£52. No bad eh??

    This was my downfall, half watching Lynn last night with some posh pieces....

    ...watched it go down to £249 and some left on the 'auctions outstanding' and so couldn't help meself. Note that it has purple Sapphires! Love my Rainbow sapphires bits and bobs and have always wanted a co-ordinating bracelet...
    Annie....have you been a-nobbling the wheels of the ole wagon, cos its tipped over and I fell orff again.....:confused:
    I think they look just gorgeous as they are Ann. Izzy doesn't look like most Rotties, she's quite slender and 'feminine'. I sometimes wonder if we were slipped a Doberman by mistake...
    Sorry Ann, I haven't heard anything and there's no reply this morning. (Not unusual if Thing's at home). I just hope she's back in and on the IV AB's. Flossie looks gorgeous on Yo's page BTW, she's not so 'beardy' or does that come later or not at all with girls?
    So pleased that you are keeping the ring Annie, it would have been sacrilege to send it back, as its a great buy and the colour change sounds superb! Weather was rubbish here whilst you were away, so looks like you hit the spot there. Sorry to hear the knee still isn't right and hope the GP can arrange a scan asap as you have had to put up with this for some time now.

    Yup its been a dreadful time for our dear Puss, bl**dy useless doctors....need a taste of their own medicine!! Or a red hot poker up the jacksy....as Jonesy says in Dad's Army........"they don't like it - up 'em"!! :devil:

    P xxxx
    Hiya Annie, just got your messsage, lovely photo of Flossie..she's so cute...and that's very tasty looking wagon. Think we need an upgrade on ours....Lol.

    Did you have a lovely holiday and how did the knee(s) hold up? Any decision on the Zultanite or are you still considering your options? :grin: Hope (for your sake) that Flossie is a good girl and that Freddie is a good boy....iykwim! :blush:

    Incoming message from Nessie, I'd better go and have a looksee....speak later poppet. xxxxx
    No Ann but Thing should be out tonight so I'll try her in a bit. Not expecting her to be home today though... Love the pic of Flossie, she looks a proper Little Lady now. As for Freddie's interest in her, you have no idea what it was like with two bitches in season, we couldn't have visitors unless they worked for the Vice Squad...
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