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  • Wow that's a handsome fella isn't he? Just thought I'd let you know that Puss had to go into A&E last night after she took a turn for the worse. Haven't heard anything as yet so fingers crossed she's ok. I'll let you now as and when there's news.
    Hi Annie,
    I'm afraid they've made a right cock-up of it all, and guess who's paying the price? Humph.
    Anyway, saw this toots and thought of you. Hope you like him/her

    Hi Ann, hope you had a lovely break and feel rested and refreshed. Sorry to hear Flossie is in season, it's certainly something I don't miss with our two, I won't go into details but I used to get quite nauseous with their antics... bleugh!
    Hi Annie,
    Oh, that song is absolutely lovely, and they actually say the name the way it should be pronounced, unlike most people over here. Thanks so much for posting me the link, I shall listen to it all the time now. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Oh eck, me poor wee baba. You could always send any horny males my way, I've forgotten what such things are...Woof!

    Lots of love, Yolanda xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Annie,
    Not sure whether you're back from your wee break yet, but wanted to apologise for not having got back to you sooner. Unfortunately, i've had a bit of a torrid time of things, and it's set me back a bit.
    Hope you had a great time, and that the wee woofers are glad to see you, and that my wee white toots has not chewed any more vital household accoutrements, the naughty noops.
    Lots of love, Yo. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    That's good to hear Annie, no rush to make a decision, time to see how a bit of sunlight works on it. Hope you have a lovely hols and get plenty of sunshine and good food etc.
    Take care
    P xxxx
    Just seen you're off on your jollies? Hope you have a lovely break. Sorry I haven't been about much, will try and do better when you get back.
    ......indeed we are!! Bad influence on me you are......:happy:
    Look forward to hearing about the new acquisition, t'will be a bargain if its a good 'un. :nod:
    Take care as well xxxx
    Hi Annie, lovely to chat and agree that you have made the right decision. Hopefully it be as nice as the pic in the link....and 30pts of VS diamonds as well. Wow! I was delayed contacting you as I was just watching an auction for a multi-gem silver ring, the price dropped to £17.99 and I was reeled in.....hook line and sinker. Oh dear and I've been so good for the past 3 months.....:blush:

    Enjoy your Sunday roast and yorkshires...and many thanks for the email.
    P xxxx

    Hope Friday's treatment will improve your poorly knee.
    Hopefully you'll get some benefit from this second jab, good luck with it.

    A confession eh? Ooooooer.........xxxx
    Bit mixed at the mo'.......:cheeky:

    Good luck for this afternoon, hope all goes well. xxx
    Hi Annie, sorry to hear that the knee is no better, been going on for a bit now, hasn't it? Hopefully Friday's treatment will do the trick. Fingers crossed for you anyway. It must be working in sympathy with my blasted back!! Off to the osteo again tomorrow so the aches and pains will be worse again....:sad:

    I not surprised VN gets her facts wrong, she stutters and stammers and rabbits on like there's no tomorrow.....:dull: Hopefully folks will complain if they've been misled.

    I think OMF has gone back into hospital...not been too good today it seems. Am keeping my fingers crossed for her also that they can make her feel rather better.

    P xxxx
    Ah, the old laparoscopy, eh? Yes, I've had more of them than I care to remember. In fact, they started doing them plus D&Cs when I was just 13 and the subsequent scarring and adhesions could well be responsible for my present problems. You and I are similar in having had reet big fibroids, and you're right, we should have been presented with them to take home and put on the mantelpiece. Have another huge one now, plus lots of polyps, and a growth on what's left of my remaining ovary, plus, according to the chap the other day, a very angry womb. Well, not surprising, is it? Woof!
    Speaking of woof, that naughty wee Flossie is a little tinker, what with her penchant for dead mice and the like. Really, I thought she was a lady...At least young Freddie concentrated on dead starfish...Who would ever have thought that the day would come when you would describe Freddie as the best behaved dog in the world?! Eee, that Flossie must really be a minx!
    Lots of love, Yo. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Annie,
    Feel a bit grotty, but that's only to be expected, and you know how 'ard I am, so I expect I'll be hod-carrying or summat this time tomorrow...

    Thanks for the hug, I could always do with one of those.

    Big hugs to you and my wee babbas, too.

    Lots of love, Yo. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hiya Annie, glad you received the 'smelly'mint okay and that it does some good for you, clears the nostrils if nowt else! Yep the fool is back playing golf, but not too well...it seems. Score nil points to him and one to the squirrels.....lol. Good too hear P had a great holiday and ta for passing on the addy. Hope you are both improving. xxxx
    Hi Annie and thanks for your message at the weekend, lovely chatting with you and hope the Dynamint has arrived! Ta also for the link you sent, will look into it and as DD has just got it all set up on her new netbook will give me hand with it when we next meet up. :blush:

    Hope the poorly knees are a little bit better. Take care
    P xxxx
    Hi Annie,
    So glad to hear that the knee chap was worth seeing, let's hope it does the trick, even if it takes a while.

    Not been so good, but mainly back and forth to the hossie having tests and the like, so not about much.

    Lots of love, Yo. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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