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    New purchases...?

    Sadly I don't think they are doing such great designs at the moment, at least not where rings are concerned. I have diddy digits and so many of the rings are huge and would look hmm .... just plain ridiculous on my hand. I hate all these big diamond cluster rings with a passion and am fed up to...
  2. fluff

    What on earth .....

    is going on? :mysmilie_506: Last week I received an email from Rocks saying my refund had been processed and to allow 3 working days for it to appear on my statement but :wait: I've been on the wagon since September ... the very comfy covered wagon Sacha kindly found for me. :nod: At first I...
  3. fluff

    Tourmaline question

    Probably a very dumb question but what is the difference between ... Mozambique Tourmaline eg and Paraiba Tourmaline from Mozambique eg...
  4. fluff

    Chat names

    I started a thread in 2008 on the same topic and am repeating it because .... I'm nosy! :mysmilie_61: Well, actually I am but it's also nice to know who people are in the Chatroom especially if they use a different name on here. I'm fluff on here and Fluff on Rocks ... very subtle...
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    Problem with site?

    Anyone having problems getting onto the site this afternoon? I keep getting the "Oops! This link apears to be broken" message. :mysmilie_81:
  6. fluff

    Treatments .... update.

    :mysmilie_348: I had a phone call yeterday about the pieces I queried and the results are: Majestic Ruby .... No information available; I have been given the option to return the ring to Gems and they will send it to SafeGuard. Alexandrite .... Natural and untreated, mined in India...
  7. fluff


    "Fluff - as I said yesterday it's probably another hollow shank. Look at the goldweight." Thanks Meesh. :mysmilie_687: :mysmilie_34: Note to self .... read all details before posting. :mysmilie_81: I've started a new thread so as not to divert attention away from the very important...
  8. fluff

    Best window ever?

    This is the best example I've seen so far :rolleyes: Reduced from £506.80 to £355.95 .... bargain!!
  9. fluff

    Web problems?

    Anyone else having problems getting the live auction to load? All the auction boxes on the first page are empty for me and have been all evening. :confused2:
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    Fancy Sapphire necklace.

    Thanks to the lovely Oops-a-daisy :nod: I bought my first piece from Gems in almost a year. I finally spotted the necklace on a web auction so whammed in a FB before I went to bed and was very pleased to see I'd "won" it the following morning and could make use of the discount code .... thank...
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    Happy Birthday Katherine Stass!

    I'm pretty sure it's the lovely Katherine's birthday today. As she hasn't access to the drop I hope it's OK to wish her a very happy birthday on here. Have a lovely day, Katherine! xx
  12. fluff

    Sarah Chapman Discovery Collection

    Just in case anyone's interested Sarah Chapman's Discovery Collection is back in stock. I bought it after reading the rave reviews on here and absolutely loved it so have just ordered another one.
  13. fluff

    Rocks rings!

    My photographs are famous for being dreadful :o but I thought it was time to time to try again and review my rings from Rocks. Mexican Fire Opal This was my first purchase from Rocks and I got it for the princely sum of £18 when Barry's finger slipped. :D Fire Opal will never be one of my...
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    How easy?

    I have two rings that I bought (from errrm "another" place :54:) and never wear. I like the designs but the central stone in both cases is p*** poor. They should've gone back as soon as they arrived but too late now! :o Anyway, there are 2 loose stones on Coloured Rocks that I like the look of...
  15. fluff

    Thank you!

    Rocks! Thank you for today's emails confirming the items I sent back yesterday had been received and my refund processed. Excellent service as always!

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