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    No response from Pavers

    I emailed Pavers with a question about 2 of their products several days ago, and have not had any response at all from them, has anyone else had any contact with them in the past, am I just unlucky, or are they normally this ignorant? I guess I'll just go shop somewhere else... what a way to run...
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    Not so special TSV

    Why would you buy the Vax Air 3 and wait for it to eventually arrive, when you can pick it up from Argos today for £199.99? or have I missed something? I would be quite happy to pay 3p more to pick it up today, and if I have a problem with it I don't have to go through the hassle of posting it...
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    Luminess airbrush make up

    Did anyone else go for the Luminess airbrush make up, I just can't seem to get on with it, I have given it a few tries now and no improvement - with only a 14 day money back guarantee I daren't keep it any longer in case they dispute how long I've had it, either too much make up comes out or...
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    Crisp & bake Halogen Oven

    I have been wondering about buying this, however they never seem to really go into how you clean it, can you take the glass bowl out and soak it in the sink like with normal halogen ovens, and if you have one would you recommend it?
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    Is it just me?

    Is it just me, or has QVC become really boring, I hardly ever watch it any more, and when I do everything seems so overpriced, I know prices have increased generally, but QVC's seem to have gone through the roof, especially diamonique, which luckily I bought enough when it was reasonable, but...
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    Declaration Form for non delivery

    I think it's a total cheek that, I have to pay the postage when declaring non delivery of an item, it wouldn't be so bad, but it seems to be happening quite regularly nowadays!
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    Miceal Murphy

    O.M.G. does this man never shut up? I couldn't stand to listen to any more of him this morning, and had to switch off, he is so loud and just wont shut up... talk about motor mouth, he could give Alison Young a run for her money, horror of horrors, just imagine the two of them on a show together!
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    Golden Gark Multi Purpose Lightweight Garden Rake

    Did anyone see the Golden Gark Multi Purpose Lightweight Garden Rake, on the other day, I nearly died laughing when the demonstrator bent one of the tines to show how flexible it was and it snapped off in his hand - to which Dale piped up "oh well you wouldn't be doing that with it anyway would...
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    Salon Essentials Nail Armour

    What did you think , has anyone gone for it? looks like good fun for the party season!
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    How long for delivery?

    Am I correct in thinking that QVC is quoting 3 to 5 working days for delivery? I just wondered as I never get my parcels that quickly, which isn't surprising as the last few items i ordered weren't even despatched for 3 days, I often don't even get my parcels within the 5 to 7 working days as...
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    Message for Craig

    Constantly interrupting the guest with your inane drivel is downright rude! and to be quite honest I couldn't give a toss what colour your kitchen is or how you like your coffee, you spoilt what could have been a really interesting hour and totally wasted what was obviously a very knowledgeable...
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    Clogau Gold

    I was puzzled watching th eoutrageously expensive Clogau gold yesterday, when they mentioned that it had a hint of welsh gold in it, I thought they were one hundred percent welsh gold, can anyone enlighten me... did I miss something? I thought it was because it was welsh gold that they were so...
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    Diet Chef How are you getting on?

    I was wondering how those who bought the diet chef package are getting on with it, I went on holiday shortly after receiving mine so was unable to start until last week... I had gained 2 pounds on holiday which was really good for me as I normally gain more, so I didn't have much holiday weight...
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    What Happened ?

    Does anyone know why there was an hour of fashion this morning when it should have been a repeat of last nights craft hour? I think it was between 8am and 9am I was rather puzzled, did I miss an announcement? :thinking2:
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    Camcorder TSV

    Does anyone else think its a bit off that they don't supply the hdmi lead or the media card with this item? it kind of makes a nonsense of the 30 day money back guarantee... how are you supposed to judge the quality of the camcorder if you can't connect it to your TV? And lets not forget that to...

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