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    Honora, Hagit and Or-Paz and a couple of other brands, would buy quite a bit, in the sale, mostly pick up stuff now on eBay, Or - Paz direct, still miss this shows.
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    Beauty Gifts with Tili TSV 01/12/20

    Wow 😯 underwhelmed !
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    Black Friday, what are you wanting to buy?

    I was looking at Aldi’s on line leaflet, and Black Friday, they seem to have Apple products, iPhone 8 refurbished for one !
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    ALDI beauty spots - online now..

    No problem, I’ve noticed they don’t have as much stuff in the shops, as they seem to want you to buy in line ? But I pay enough p&p to QVC without starting on Aldi !
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    ALDI beauty spots - online now..

    I got the bath foam on Friday, no. 3 and there was no.1
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    Bare Minerals TSV 21/11/20

    Hi Glamourkitty, I tried it today and found no reaction, I’m very sensitive to most stuff, have bad reactions to a lot of things, medications and sunlight being one, have needed steroids, but Im absolutely fine with this. Sorry you’ve had a reaction, I know people say they did change the...
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    Today I bought....

    Twlight, you’re a real star 🌟 and a big thank you on behalf of the furries !
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    Shay & Blue TSV 19/11/20

    I didn’t go for it, as a 100mil of perfume, would go on forever and I like to chop and change in perfumes, I would have preferred, say 50 mil or even 30 mil doubled of course! Then I could split and not feel bad about ordering, I would have of went for the black tulip.
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    Bare Minerals TSV 21/11/20

    Mine has just turned up, the nice guy from Hermes delivered, but there was no tracking available, I’m confused ( confused at the best of times lol). Haven’t opened it yet but will tomorrow and will put some on to check if there’s a reaction.
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    Hermes revelations

    Don’t get me started on DPD, I ordered a new Sony combination oven from currys, as it said free delivery ( Argos you paid ) well, out of the blue it was delivered to Matalan, apparently that was my default setting, which was odd as I didn’t even have the app! I don’t drive so it ended up being...
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    Hermes revelations

    My Hermes has been okayish, in fact better than amazon, I ordered a bottle of Aperol but you now need a signature from the person who ordered it, and of course over 18, actually they wanted over 25 yrs. couldn’t be the next door neighbours either ! Plus they wanted identity proof e.g. passport...
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    Bare Minerals TSV 21/11/20

    I still haven’t had a delivery email, which is odd ! You know the one, make space lol Actually I’ll have to at this rate !
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    Aldi Bundleberry-like Storage Trunks

    I’m hoping to get a whiff of them, I do like some of theirs and think that they’re as good as some of the Yankee, which often smell to me, artificial.

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