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  • Good morning Dawn

    Ahaha! I ws racking my brains to work out what PB never occurred to me that it was Photobucket! Lol. No its not my account, had just picked out a 'tired' looking smilie at random and posted it to illustrate my point. Actually it was a large yellow smilie looking very 'knackered'!

    I'll just reply to your post in case any other peeps are wondering what it all means. Usually I think if there's a problem with smilies, the message 'exceeded bandwidth' comes up...I see it quite frequently in the Happy Birthday forum.

    Hope you are well and thanks for letting me know.
    Take care, Pamela xx
    Hiya Dawn

    Thought I'd just send a quick message on here. Its late at night and I'm probably being a bit thick, but am a bit confused by your last post. PB account.....ummmm......what's that? mysmilie_1436
    Pamela xx
    Hiya Dawn
    Many thanks for your message and nice comments about my expanding album. Added a few pieces at the weekend as the weather was so ropey. Glad they meet with your approval. Just been looking at Fluff's post in Buy and Sell section, she's advertising a few pieces on there. Am hoping I can have dibs on the CG Sapphire!

    Pamela xx
    Forgot to say I really like your ring, I have 4 demantoid pieces, all from Gems a while ago and find it so sparkly.
    Hi gemcherub, good old Basket Case here, no mystery, just felt like a change as I don't put as much in my gems 'basket' as I used to!
    Hiya Dawn, I just checked as I could've sworn you were already on my 'pals' list. So have sent you an invite which I would be delighted if you choose to accept.

    I have a 'Bling' album on my VM page which shows some of my pieces. And I've just added a couple more pics....which you will recognise...I think!:D

    Pamela xx
    Hi Gemcherub

    Just to let you know I posted in your thread last night with a link that hopefully may be of help.

    Best Wishes
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