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    Jwellery making starter kit - prices far better than elsewhere!

    WOW - just seen the basic starter kit for jewellery making on TJC, and The price for what you get is amazing! :clapping: I sooooo regret buying things off jewellerymaker now, as this is far better value. You get beading wire, tools, a book plus other stuff all for £14.99, cheaper postage too...
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    Mr Bennett

    Hi, this is a question to Steve Bennett if hes reading the forum. I have been looking at your jewellery kits, and have been considering buying one as I am hoping the quality of the gems will justify the price. Anyway, I was wondering why the eye of the tiger kit, one of the first kits you did...
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    I was rather disappointed, i've been watching jewellerymaker most days, and say a tool kit i wanted, Steve bennett was saying it was brand new in, and i hadn't seen it on previous days. Anyway i thought what the hell, even though i feel they are over priced, i was going to buy a jewellery making...
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    Hi, does anyone know if the "awaken" range of jewellery is available anywhere else? or is it only on QVC?
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    Help please! had a ring arrive from TJC, i LOVE the design, its 14ct white gold, with 16 diamonds totalling 20 points. The design is lovely, as they are princess cut and blanket set in a square. Problem is the diamonds are small, not i did expect tha, but i am not seeing as much sparkle from...
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    Chit Chat

    The last few times i've tuned into rockstv and have had a read of the chit chat room there has been a few people on there slagging off this forum. I know people can say what they want etc but there have been statements that this forum doesn't like rock tv, has a personal dislike, and tonight i...
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    £5 mothers day gift

    does anyone know what the £5 mothers day gift is thats advertised on the web? the mystery gift thing
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    advice please

    Hi, can you guys give me some advice please. is £119.99 a good price for the following item: 657976
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    Do rocks and co still sell silver items? i haven't seen any for a while and there are only silver chains online. does anyone know?
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    Basket info

    Hi, could anyone tell me how long you can keep items in your basket now a days at gemstv before they are removed? also any free delivery codes would be very very gratefully recieved. :mysmilie_82::mysmilie_687:
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    help please

    Hi all, could anyone help, i am looking at items MOTHER OF PEARL SILVER PENDANT UCU7643 and MOTHER OF PEARL SILVER PENDANT UEF8392 does anyone have either of these? can anyone give me an indication of size, or any pics of them? Thanks
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    £1 games

    £1 games Does anyone know if gems tv are doing another £1 games event anytime soon? It was fun trying to grab a £1 bargain (even if i failed often!)
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    sonic cleaner help please

    i saw a sonic cleaner on gemstv earlier at £29, and it looked like a good pressie for my mum, but i don't know which gems can and can't be cleaned in it, which stopped my grabbing one. Does anyone know which stones can be cleaned in a sonic cleaner? and which can't? my mum has a selection of...
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    £1 games

    £1 games Can you still only phone for the £1 games? i haven't watched much, but the ones i have seen have been very low quanities and you couldn't play on the web?
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    what do you think?

    Some of you prob know from my gemstv thread, i am looking for a pressie of my aunt for my 30th. what do you guys think of this: 554714 at £89.

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